what we really need is a decent inducible male. come on over to the How do you feel about GMO Cannabis? thread and lets make the concept public domain before some corporate entity locks it up.

maybe get someone to scour the patent DBs to see if/how they’ve tried. if it can be done, then there is almost always a second and third route… we’re talking biology here :wink:


I think your winterized crude is high. My broker said a liter (.8kg) ranged between 1800 and 2500. That makes it $2200-3000kg. Of course when going to sell I would try to get more if possible but you have to base your financials off of what you know not what you think. Kinda suprising no one here would give you any prices or even a range


kinda cause no one in this thread is trying to sell those products. There are verified hemp vendors he can ask here, and actual companies in state he can ask.

If you want info spoon fed, you can pay the guys holding spoons. If you want free shit you can do the “free shit legwork” that makes diy so much fun!!! This site is to take some of the guesswork out of that legwork, and not to spit out market variables.


I would be more than happy to pay for information. Not looking for a free ride…I am not that person


Put me in touch with the right person please


Need 175k feminized seeds

I need a early starter and early finisher

55 acres to start

Soil has been tested…and it is great soil

Almost unlimited water (water was short this year for everyone…and we never felt the pinch)

We are at 7400 foot elevation we are in Colorado and it is dry

Any help would be appreciated


When is the sowing season start ?
Ever gave iT thought to make your own feminized seed 18 mother plants Will get You There in 4 months time


In southern Colorado, the frost didn’t let up till the end of april


So iT s possible to make feminized seeds on a 300ft2 area
Colodial silver route is easyest
And have them ready by 15 march


It would be less work for him to clone


Well to have 175k clowns ready in a week is tough with seeds iT s possible
My only concern is feminized is great but one farmer up to a 100 Miles up wind having male plants and all females are in veign


feminized sometimes have unstable genetics and herming as well. It takes time to stabilize genes. Also colorado seed laws are pretty wack. You can’t legally bring in seeds from out of state. The in state genetics are questionable at times. I do not recommend trusting many co breeders.


Treu but that is one. Of My next questions
Can hè get a Well stabelized clone
And did hè ever breed ?
Thats why i asked Wich strain hè was thinking of


There is a pretty big clone market in colorado, but it is kinda like craigslist encounters…

I was buying seeds from oregon. Even colorado breeders seeds… especially colorado breeders seeds

Future this isnt a hemp link nor is it a link for commercial purposes, I’m trying to show something…


Pfff the business is still to young to separate the good from the bad


Dude looked like a lady?

meristem culture or somatic embryogeneis and artificial seeds…


We planted our seedlings this last year during first week in June…but we planted the seeds much earlier and propagated them in green house enviorment.

Yes i would rather do clones…but clones are so very expensive.


They are very cheap to make


herding clowns is really hard work.
worse than santas. and you know how hard they are to control in numbers

make cats look like child’s play :wink:

can’t imagine having to deal with 175k


Roguelab’s heavy accent that makes its way all the way through the internet is one of the most endearing things on the site.