I figure you can cut 75 clones off each mom every 10 days.

So if i had 1000 moms I could cut 7500 each day?

150000/7500 it would take roughly 20 days of cutting…correct?

So how big of a pot does it take to hold a mother that can handle 75 cuts off it every 10 days?


11 liters minimum


depends on the medium. if you are pumping clones out of just a few mothers and want to limit their space I would 100% say aeroponics/dwc for the speed. but idk your budget for your mothers. If you want to be as low maintainence as possible, start your plants in a 4 in rockwool cube and plant them in cloth pots


But in his case i would start the mum s now for a double major cut of 750 a time


:grinning: i speak 5 languages fluently but can t write a decent sentence in one
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Issue is he has to get the right genetics, most the hemp seed breeders out there are jokers, these are the state sanctioned banks’s-2017-cda-approved-certified-hemp-seed-varieties

(Note none of them are for flower or extract)


25 gallon pots…in a good soil.

What do you mean by double major cut?


When clooning is your busniss You Need to keep your mom s alive but to You iT s yust having them ready in one shot and be done cutting mom s often makes them harden and after 6 months we swap them
But You can yust let Some big mama’s grow and then cut them 2 times and then kill them off


Just like @qma stated. We understand what we need to @Roguelab. Just like Beaker, your point of view and knowledge is really superb. I really enjoy every tad bit you share. Especially that your half way around the world working entirely different then most of us do.

Your the man and them clowns are gonna be funny when you have 175K of them.


Tryptophan in the clone food speeds roothing. By 3 days so 7 instead of 10


Salicylic acid and chitosan! In an aero cloner cause it’s colorado after all!!!


How many square foot of grow area do i need for 1000 mothers in 25 gallon pots


I don’t think you will need 1000 mothers unless you are trying to do some jungle boys style phenotype selection

I’m pretty sure a 6-700 sqft space indoors would be sufficient For the mothers. Since your lights will be on almost all day, I recommend LED or CMH


Really…I need 150k clones to plant.

Anyone on here a clone expert…wiling to pay for advice


I agree and When iT s time better have several hands on deck
IT s simple work but 175k is a tough number
Start by learning now so You have mastered the skills by then
IT really can be done


If i started growing my moms from clones by February 1st…will they be ready for cuttings by may 1st?


yes 6 weeks is minimum under ideal circumstances so 3 months is great
Watch out thoug for making the mom s to Woody stems should stay green not Woody brown


But with the right dieet this is easy


You wanna take cuttings while the plant still looks symmetrical like this

but you want to give the plant at least a month and a half to mature before taking cuttings like @Roguelab said. Apical clones are very easy to train with some time saving techniques like maifolding . After cannabis starts to show sex, nodes become staggered and the plants that are grown from those clones will have uneven growth characteristics. If you have feminized seeds from a trusted seed distributor you won’t need to depend on sexing as much anyway.

Tools you will want are:

A microscope for checking sexes/diseases/pests


An exacto knife
Bonsai scissors:

And jars full of bleach water, 90% isopropyl, and hydrogen peroxide


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