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Verified Hemp Slangers

You will need to be verifyed to sell cbd, you can send samples and a coa of your product to a staff member such as @future to become verifyed.
Not to metion that the placement of this ad is blatent spam.

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I have 330 sqft of mom’s under T5’s and get roughly 2500-3000 cuts a month. It takes about 35 man hours if you including pruning, sticking, IPM, watering, cleaning. They are smaller moms about 16"x16" canopy each and we hit them for cuts every other week. You can get roughly 20 cuts per mom per month and a lot depends on the strains. Those huge moms you see are not the most efficient way to do business if you figure that indoor HID lighting really only penetrates 24’" or so of the canopy. Your talking about a HUGE buildout to hit 175k cuttings. Your best bet would be heated greenhouses, take your cuts in April and have everything rooted and lightly vegged for June 1 planting. Good luck!