Is anyone willing to put up what the going rate is for the following:

All these are in kilo form assuming a 3-5 kilo purchase.

My guess

CBD isolate $7200
CBD distolate $5500
Winterized crude $4500
Full spect oil 0% THC $11000
CBG $60000
THC $6000

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Lets use the United States as the country

I am asking what someone would pay to purchase the finished product.

given that interstate commerce currently qualifies as trafficking, you’re gonna need to state a state to get meaningful answers. imo.

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Unfortunately the laws aren’t all that concrete

The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2016 (P.L. 114-113) (“the Funding Act”), passed on December 18, 2015, contains a provision at section 763 that reads:

“None of the funds made available by this act or any other act may be used… to prohibit the transportation, processing, sale or use of industrial hemp that is grown or cultivated in accordance with section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, within or outside the State in which the industrial hemp is grown or cultivated.”


Lets use Colorado or California or Oregon. To start

Call hemp labs/farms in the state, input to spreadsheet, compare. Make friends with a low level dispensiary manager in that can make purchases. Pay them to let you scrape their info. Slap that in a spread sheet. Pay attention to extractors/distillers complaints on instagram, those numbers need the least salt to season.

If you have some credibility behind you can call the respective departments of agriculture and medical enforcment divisions for tax information. Taxes are based on a percentage of the price of the product.


Excellent advice!

you’ve done this before haven’t you? :wink:

The hemp/cannabis industry is running very similar to the firearms/ammunition industry


I invested in a farm…been screwed 2 years in a row by all the so called experts in this business. From not getting all the clones I paid for in advance…to getting true industrial hemp seeds made for fiber…to the second year buying 100s of thousands of “feminized” seeds…only to find they were not only not feminized (44% males) they also ran hot.

I am just looking for some help with pricing. I dont have the connections to find the info I am asking…thats why i asked the question here. Just looking for help

Use bioclones aka micro tissue propagation

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This is something I would like to know too. What are the qualifications these experts hold? What makes someone an industry expert when cannabis hasn’t been grown at scale in the us for 60 years? Aren’t there a ton of people with agriculture/organic chem degrees? I hear certificates of analysis a lot… How many of these “seed distributors” offer third party chemical AND genetic testing? It seems a lot of this stuff is built on hype and not knowlege, otherwise stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

Mystery whales, look at the state of this industry: regulation made a scam society. People are charging exorbitant rates for GLASS and SEEDS. People with no ability to blow glass or culture cells. People that get their shit together get raided or harrased by tax organisations. Laws are made up on the fly. Maybe it is time for federal rescheduling and adding an extra letter to the batfe


May I ask why? Why not feminized seeds? Is there a cost benefit. I need a early finishing variety

Lets start a tissue culture thread


I agree with you. This industry is so full of people that are thieves. All the talk about helping people with good medicine…and loving the industry…most of the people I have had the luck to deal with have been full of shit and looking for short term enrichment.


look into pulling your terpenes. cannabis derived terpenes are higher dollar than anything other than the CBG on your list. although I think that CBG price might be high too.

it wasn’t “all the experts” that screwed you. chances are there wasn’t an expert involved at all. it was a single idiot, and a thief (or another idiot) but I still feel your pain.


At the end of the day, I blame myself! Just need some honest help to keep moving forward.


The research chemical market was more transparent so do with that what you will fam :man_shrugging:


I am sorry to hear your losses but hè heads up
How Many feminized seeds do You Need ?
Which strain has your preffrance
How large is the land You plan to use
Quality of the soil and water available
Where is this located wheather ?