Please Help with first SPD

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I have such an amateur 5L SPD set as in the picture. I need a distillate because I have 2 sick relatives and I want to help them. I live in a country where the law is very bad when it comes to hemp. Please, I need your help because I’m a little desperate. I admire the knowledge and skills of some people here. I read a lot about SPD but I still haven’t done it yet.

Where should I start ? I have crushed grass and 96% ethanol. I know you have to pour half a 5L dish, but first freeze it and pour through a coffee filter, right? What can anyone tell me next? I will give relationships and with your help it will succeed … … Sorry for my English :wink: Regards to all people on the forumset 11111111

To remove the waxes you’ll want a vacuum filter. Is your filtration setup able to handle this?

Do you have a vacuum sensor coming? Do you know how well vacuum your can pull down?

You’ll need a stir bar, vacuum grease (search function here and you’ll find type), and spare GL connectors. Also extra tubing laying around is always good.

I think you are going to have a rough time with the vacuum asiprator


Do you think it’s too weak? but I can do something to create it at the beginning of production?

You haven’t even done 10% of the reading required. Why don’t you do that first. Not a fan of spoon🥄 feeding. I got relatives who I make medicine for as well. So go read up on this before you potentially kill them.

Thanks for the quick reply, this forum is awesome. I already have a stir bar , vacuum grease and extra tubing . I don;t know what is exacly spare GL connetors but i doing reserch now :wink:

Thanks for the advice, I will read everything you recommend to me and will certainly not kill anyone, not even myself.

Hey there! It sounds like you need to do your EXTRACTION before your DISTILLATION.

Is crushed grass your biomass (raw weed)?


Big edit:

You want to get your alcohol as cold as you can. Soak your crushed grass in the cold alcohol. This part is easy. You’re making “rso” except with cold cold alcohol. All the THC and good stuff will come dissolve into your alcohol

You then need to separate your crushed grass. from your alcohol. Most people will have their grass in a tea bag to make this easier.

Once you have your alcohol/THC “solution”, you need to filter particulates out. This is the coffee filter part, but the problem is the “solution” will take very long to pass through. Most people use a vacuum assisted filter. Search for “Buchner funnel”. Your vacuum pump (in your photo) would work for this application.

You will then need to evaporate your alcohol (be safe please!) until there is very little left. Just enough to make it easy to poor THC oil into your short path kit.

Unfortunately your vacuum pump will not work for your short distillation . I am sad they sold you that pump with that kit. You will need a stronger vacuum to get a good product.

If your family is sick, your cold alcohol extract (after you evaporate alcohol) could work for them just as well as distillate.

I am sorry your country doesn’t allow you to enjoy cannabis. I hope you have success


Definitely a no on the water aspirator. If you want to try it out anyways, make sure the water is ice cold, but as it heats a up, you loose vacuum performance. Nonetheless, the pump is very useful for other things, requires little maintenance.

That chiller though… What’s the cost of that compared with the rest of the setup?


Hey mate :wink: yes i got very dry , crushed for powder indica buds from my garden :wink:

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Do NOT buy that kit.
The chiller is 1000% not needed. You need a heater. That aspirator is a joke. It will never in a million years pull a deep enough vac. That aspirator is for filtering or rotovap use.


There is no chance to make any oil on this set? Even less quality or amount ?

I agree don’t burn your money on that kit

@spdking sell him something if you can and are able to

He should know who fam is. If he needs something my shop number is 831-226-2948 and he can also email Anytime.


@midsfactory has it right.

You are conflating extraction & distillation.

There is no requirement to make distillate for your relatives. Crude ethanol extract may well have better medicinal properties than “distillate”.

See: The "Entourage Effect" debate

For primary extraction, see Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)

see also : Search results for 'RSO' - Future4200


I didn’t read close enough and agree completely. Might as well skip distillation and focus on extracting properly

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