The "Entourage Effect" debate

So, it seems that much of the community still calls this “stoner science” or something of the like. So, I wanted to push this video.

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Here’s another.


No links to research in her powerpoints.

Also a larger topic, both of these videos the speaker has a direct incentive to produce misinformation in order for economic gain. They both own companies or sit on boards that make money off of cannabis. People would flip out if a pharma exec made these whimsical claims about a drug they would make money on.

Do not misunderstand me please, cannabis and cannabinoids do have medicinal effects but these conflicts of interest create bad science and misinformation. We need more impartial and unbiased research who are qualified to conduct useful research.

Russo is pretty legit tho, much more than the gordon lady she is pretty quacky.


Well, after an exhausting debate yesterday that I was wholly unprepared for because I was at work and all of my research on this is at home, I’ve decided this will be my last comment on the subject.

If you knew as far as you could tell that a concept was realistic, after having experienced it on your own on multiple occasions, and that thing was medicinal, wouldn’t you try to perpetuate it in any way you could? If you knew (total hypothetical) that shiitake mushrooms completely alleviated your neuropathy, but, you had no way to scientifically prove it, wouldn’t you research literature and the like to push the idea into scientific circles?

Lastly, I’d like to point out that the theory of relativity is still a theory. However, we all experience gravity or something very much like it every day. No one is looking for a dissected rat to prove that there’s some force that hold us to the ground. We can all experience this sensation. Why can’t this, based on the information that we do have, be something similar?

There are so many anecdotal reports that people experience this sensation. At what point can we just accept it as reasonable and just try to prove it, rather than looking anywhere else?

Once again, this is my final response to all of this. Apologies if anyone is curious of anything else.


I thought they were some good videos to watch, don’t be discouraged. I listened to both while I worked yesterday. I think the effect of terpenes modulating the experience is important.

Yes it is important but there is very little research to support these ideas.

No I would not because it is just anecdotal evidence. I would claim this medicine has helped me anectodally with no scientific evidence and that is that. Assuming I am not trying to sell you shittake mushrooms, then ill tell you they keep the sky blue (this part is a joke and I will never exploit the idiocy of man for a profit).

You are using an argument that religious institutions use to try to prove evolution does not exist. These “theories” you claim are exactly what science is about and the biggest disconnect between the public and scientists. NOTHING IN SCIENCE CAN BE PROVEN. It is not supposeed to be proven. As a scientist you gather the evidence and this evidence suggest certain results with a specific confidence interval. There are very few laws in science and cannabis pharacology is not one of them.

If you find anectodal evidence it should not be disregarded but that cannot be used to draw grandiose conclusions. There are great medicinal benefits of cannabis and many of them have been studied and many have not, but to think cannabis is a cure all maladies molecule is disingenuous.

Btw i really would rather you be encouraged to scour the literature and not discouraged because I am challenging you.

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I’ve noticed the effects first hand, call it a placebo?

I disagree, science is repeatable. Where do you think scientific data comes from?

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where did this exhausting debate take place? it doesn’t look to have taken place here.

All I see is “Hey, check this out” followed by “that was exhausting, I’m out…”.

which is weird, because I would have thought the whole point of posting a thread with “debate” in the title was to initiate/participate in a debate.

what am I missing, besides most of the debate?!?


I know, it seems like a chunk is missing.

By no means do I mean to say it is a cure all.

All I mean to say is that if the individual components of the plant can be medicinal, it is likely that when combined in appropriate ratios, they can potentiate each other.

Let’s demonstrate that.

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On Reddit, it was between 420Microbiologist and I predominantly. Title is Entourage Effect.

Proven is a strong word meaning it is always true in every science data does not PROVE scientific topics it provides evidence that supports a hypothesis. It does not matter if you agree or disagree this is the way it is. I guess you could disagree on a philosophical level but youd still be incorrect.

And no your effects may not be placebo but they are absolutely anecdotal and until you control against a placebo you have evidence to suggest it is not a placebo…

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I concur we should demonstrate this potentiation!

You gonna fund it if I develop a hypothesis? lol

doesn’t extracting cannabis mean you’re printing money?

EDIT: being facetious here. it’s only the investors that think cannabis/hemp == printing money.

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I work in Denver at a relatively small company, I’m grossly underpaid for what I do in my opinion.

Ah, sorry, text isn’t good at conveying nuances.

I have in a way studied this extensively through the use of just one unique text that I just call, The Guide.

The answer is 42.

Think of it like the Zen of multi tasking.