Pectin Based Vegan Gummies

I’ve searched the site for Pectin recipes and SOPs and havent really found anything too informative. Anyone have a SOP, particular pectin, Brix & pH levels they want to share? I’ve found a ton for vitamins/nutraceuticals if anyone wants me to post them.

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How are you filling your molds, aka how long do you need your pectin gel to be pourable?

I would use a high methoxyl pectin (HM) rather than low methoxyl. HM pectins set in the presence of acid and adequate dissolved solids, whereas LM requires the presence of a divalent ion to solidify

I attached a PDF below that you and others will probably find helpful.

HydrocolloidRecipes.pdf (5.6 MB)


Happy you asked…

Im using a steel confectionery funnel heated to 240F. Its not that they’re gelling early due to cooling temperatures, its that they are not setting at all… even after 4 days they are still watery/non-viscous. I’ve been using HM 100 Super Slow Set Candy Pectin by Pacific Pectin hitting a Brix level of 82 and a pH of 3.7-4.0 per their formula guy’s personal instruction.

I think it may be buffered in a way that it does not work the same with any “additives” involved for some reason.

Can you suggests any pectins you use that yield good results?

What’s your sugar component mix, whats your pectin dispersal/cooking process & how are you measuring pH? I have a couple companies I can point you towards but if there is something nonstandard in your process that is affecting gelation changing suppliers isn’t going to help. I’m assuming these are dosed and you’re somehow integrating your extract?

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Using Natural Cane Sugar & 43DE Tapioca Syrup (Total 65% Batch Weight).

  1. Im dry mixing with sugar (4% pectin (63g)/ 189 g Sugar) before hydrating at 90C for 20min
  2. Heating Slurry Mix Sugar & Syrup to 90C (readying for pectin mix)
  3. Mixing Pectin w/ slurry and cooking to 82 Brix (@210F for about 7 minutes)
    4)Turning System off immediately after hitting 82 brix, then adding color, flavor, amd 1:1 citric acid & H2O (1.4%)
  4. Removing Steel Confectionery funnel from oven at 240F and using to pour into silicone molds

Integrating Amino Acid (Not cannabis/thc) at slurry step. It can handle extreme temps and we have the pH at 3.7-4.0 which is appropriate (or so I think) for a Brix of 82 with a HM 100 Super Slow Set Pectin.

okay, I haven’t ever used pacific pectin, but I checked out what they have available and their information definitely leaves a lot to be desired in terms of what you’re actually getting from them. never good in terms of your product consistency moving forward. I would suggest to speak to the folks at TIC gums, Rousselot, or AEP collids.

That being said, I see one major issue with your process right off the bat. There is a direct correlation between degrees Brix and the boiling point of an aqueous sugar solution. You said above that you’re cooking at 210F after adding your pectin (you also used F and C in that response, highly recommend you pick one and stick with it). 210F is about 99C, and you need to be closer to 106C or 223F to reach the Bx you’re aiming for. You want your slurry at a hard boil. If you’re foaming too much, add a couple drops of oil to the pot.

If you’re boiling hard, you can just stop cooking when you hit your target temperature and add any colors/flavors/actives at that point. I would also recommend you check the pH of any colors/flavors you’re adding to the mix and account for those values.

Don’t worry about “hurting” the pectin when you’re cooking, if you go much above 82Bx you’re gonna get hard candy anyways.


thats alot of info you are willing to share, Ill trade you. there is a search at the top that is a looking glass.

use the search on pectin, dont listen to me because im dumb and havent used pectin ever but it should be lower ph.

Try a higher number on the Brix, 85-88ish

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Yea I went through every search result before posting

What kind of oil? Im creating an all-natural organic vegan recipe.

Well, about the Brix measurement… Does it matter what temp we cook off moisture at? Does the pectin undergo something molecularly at a higher temp? The only reason I haven’t been cooking at a serious boil is due to the size saucepans Im using and the amount of foam that attempts to overflow. It still hits 82 Brix regardless of the amount of heat used.

Or am I missing something. Everything I’ve read (about 50 different nutraceutical/vitamin/active ingredient patents, countless confection cookbooks, and probably 10 pectin science books) states to cook to a certain temp OR just to a certain Brix with no regards to temp strength. I would keep trying things but Im very tired of sourcing new materials and wasting money ha.

What I’ve chalked it up to based on everything I’ve read is that:

a) The pectin is buffered with something my active ingredient does not like
b) Too low of a brix
c)Too low of a glucose DE (Tapioca Syrup)

Im in the process of receiving a few different pectins from Cargill and Batory as well as higher DE Tapioca Syrups.

EDIT** I just did some reading and found that you need pectin to cook at a “rolling boil” for at least one minute to activate gelling properties. Does that sound like what you were referring to?

Have you cooked to these levels with success?

Yes. My instructions are what I use to make 8k+ gummies a day. MCT oil (coconut) will fit the bill, but I would recommend you just get a bigger saucepan.


Stoving after demolding has been the game changer for us once they got the temps in line w the SOP

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this

Good deal, I actually ordered some bigger cookware today. Ill add MCT oil to the list.

You referring to literal drops though? I haven’t seen too much about this anywhere but I have seen it being used. Do you normally add it prior to the rolling boil to prevent foaming or once it begins to foam to stop it in its tracks? Any brand you’d recommend?

You hand pouring those 8k?!

Care to elaborate? I don’t think I have a big enough oven to do the 6k/day we are trying to achieve

Errr, ummm

If I remember correctly at least one of these has a vegan pectin recipe


Emailed Chempistry. Wonder if he’s selling it like Dark Ciity Molds. The DC Molds SOP sells for $2k if anyone wants to throw down!