Anyone have experience pectithin gummies? We are having issues with melting in heat while it’s in packaging

Anyone have any experience with pectithin? Thinking of switching to them instead of the bovine gelatin we’ve been using

Is pectithin a combo of pectin and lecithin? Haven’t heard of that one, and apparently the all knowing one (Google) hadn’t either.


you’ll probably need to source some vegans though: Pectin Based Vegan Gummies


Sios have u tried letting the gummies sit in the refrigerator exposed to the open air ( laying out on parchment paper ) . I do this with my non vegan gummies or else they end up smushed in the bag ( for about 24-72 hours ) … also you can dust ur molds in corn starch witch also may help a little

I recommend dark city molds for formulations

They have a pectin/gelatin hybrid that’s heat stable

Also have a pectin formulation


I was thinking it was pectin to

I swore he said pectithin and I was like uh…

But they are doing all the curing in the cold, it’s like a week later or something during shipment or in storage at clients facilities that are very warm I guess that they end up melting together

A lot of variables. Package in a dry place, dehydrate the gummies, could be to little pectin(or not cooked enough to activate or cooked to much) ,to much flavoring even different flavors from the same puree vendor we bought from would sweat less/more.

Most candy needs good temperature and humidity control up to the point the customer opens the package, at least that has been my experience with cannabis gummies.

Never done cold curing, but maybe one of our resident gummy experts like @MillerliteRN can speak to how that may effect finished product (and to what pectithin may actually be). There could also be something with the white labeler’s process that is out of whack.

Either way, there’s something wrong, and the white label company should be the one fixing it. If they are not producing a shelf stable product or instructions to ensure the stability of said product, they’re messing up, and you are footing the bill.

My buddy is making them I’m fairly certain and it’s pectin you were right.

Dehydrating them is key

@EndangeredSpecies can attest to this


Obviously this is all ingredient & recipe dependent.

Cold cured til mold release with ease. Depending on mold size it can be from 1 hour to 8 hours. You need the whole mold to cold cure before popping out for drying. Drying is dependent on time of year, humidity, mold size & local. These take 24 to 36 hours.


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