Pectin Based Vegan Gummies

And what temp is your rolling boil at when your getting u to Brix?

I see 217-226F is recommended in quite a few different SOPs. but some go as high as 240-250F. The range is so wide it basically covers everything from “thread” to “hardball” in terms of sugar cooking. I had a buddy tell me that keeping the temp in the 220s produced a more gummy bear product and the 230s made more of a gum drop

We use bread warmers, set around 85-95 degrees; gummies trayed again after coating are then stoved for at least 18 hrs maybe as much as 36. Something in that ball park at least.

Holy Heat. No room temp curing ever? and we’er talking pectin gummies?

Edit** Apparently this is done by some bigger companies

Got any recommendations? Amazon?

During your cook, after you hit a full rolling boil for 60 seconds, slowly stir in a 2-5٪ maltodextrin cut. As an emulsifier raising the absorption rate into the body and also helping with the gummy processing into a gummy, the only known downside is it enters our body as a starch or carbohydrate and gets processed into glucose making people with diabetes not wanting to have to many carbs in their diets. The percentages that we are talking about are minimal at best. Flavorings should be added as the last item. High :thermometer: temps will dilute tasty and efficacy of a boutique style, high end, vegan friendly, gelatin free, desirable as get out, keep your customers coming back time and time again for a product that, well, just. Works. Better

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Yes, I pull mine out at 86-87ish. Anything 88-89 doesn’t quite give us enough time to get them in molds. Let them sit in molds 24h, buck and coat with a carnauba wax exterior mixture or extra fine sugar(not table sugar, table sugar will give the gummy a “crunchy” texture)/citric acid mixture.

You could also try adding slightly more citric acid when you pull your gummies off to get ready to pour into molds, a slightly lower pH should(?) cause them to form a little faster.

I would stick with 1 variable at a time.

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Thx! You add the flavor after the Citric Acid (or whatever you use) after the system is turned off while the solution is cooling down?

Is this to help remove the moisture?

Add the flavor just before the citric acid, quick stir. Add citric acid last, stir vigorously while still on heat for ~30s.
When you add your citric acid @ ~86-87 on a brix you should have 2-3 minutes to fill your trays.

Whats your final pH at? 3.7 - 4.0?

Got an MCT Oil recommendation?

Is the reason for pectin purely to be vegan? It seems complicated vs gelatin and who eats gummies as food? You only need a few at most. Side note - on the news tonight some 5 year and up kids ate thc gummies today and went to the hospital. I dont sell bulk but thats scary, makes me want to make them black licorice or something kids would avoid.

Different texture. And beyond being vegan gelatin is just kinda fuckin gross? Something about boiled skin just doesn’t scream “candy” to me

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Doesnt really matter. Its all the same more or less unless you’re using it in an emulsion and you need specific oil components. And i think somewhere above you asked when to add it, I only did it once, and I was already at a hard boil so that would be my recommendation

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I like gummy worms, bears, jello, bbq candy bits etc. My dog is on raw diet etc. Im a meat lover. Ill buy some pectin candy and see if I like it. Im guessing pectin wont be my niche. Maybe cbd jerky? My homogenizer can shred tissue so maybe a bacon gummy? got off topic like usual.

You’ll have to experiment and find what works best for your recipe. I’m not exactly sure of the final pH, might be a month or two until I cook another batch.

Try a batch at ~3.4 and a batch at ~3.7 and see how they turn out

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Yup. Seems to be a needed step to get a lasting cure on em. We also tested the gummies before and after stoving to look for degregation or terpenes loss, no measurable loss found.

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Yea I’ve seen this step in a Cargill SOP. They do 24hrs at 77F

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you mentioned terpene loss? Customers want weed flavor instead of more sugar? I make my gummy on demand and often its dank terps but they dont like it as much as blank slate combined with a flavor. i use lor ann flavors currently


Just a heads up lorann has a 10-14 day shipping delay currently, so if you need anything get your order in early



Just going over this again… At what humidity is the room at when they’re in the bread warmers? I would think inside the bread warmers, it’s pretty high but maybe it’s actually desert-like dry?