Partially spent biomass > FECO

We have been experimenting at our facility with our partially spent biomass from CO2 extraction to make FECO. As this was just a fun project, the first couple batches were made quickly and the resulting potencies reflected this. Our spent indoor material FECO returned at 63.07%, and our spent outdoor material returned at 48.17%. Both portions were very dark and looked like typical homemade RSO.

Has anyone else attempted to use partially spent material to make FECO? If so, did you change the typical FECO process to get a cleaner/more potent extract in the end?

One of the main problems we are seeing with this process is collecting the majority of the ethanol back from the soaked biomass; anyone have any ideas for a simple way to recover the majority of the solvent?

Would love to hear ideas on this process/experience from other extractors!

they make this thing called a rotary evaporator

on top of making your favorite pasta and sous vide steaks it can also recover ethanol.

Our rotovap does a great job pulling ethanol out of a liquid mixture of cannabinoids and solvent. I was wondering if anyone had devised a way to pull all the ethanol out of the biomass itself.

A centrifuge


Or a screw press, although I have not personaly used one.


That sounds like a great idea, I’ll see if I can find something like that!

My old job threw the biomass directly into the roto to make their feco. Never saw that before but i was new to the mj biz. Still not sure if that is normal for small ethanol extractions. Anywho, I failed miserably trying to squeeze out the rest of the oil in the biomass. Was thinking I really could use a press right now. Hopefully that works.

Centrifuge is what you’re looking for


See Eg:

Or even Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek


whenever we had oil made out of spent bio mass it wasnt worth it and sometimes there would be a weird oily later on the top of the honey oil felt like mineral oil to the touch