Organic Hexane?

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So I was having a conversation with a gentleman a few months back who claimed to be organically certified. He was doing hexane extraction… is possible to get organically certified hexane? If so does anyone have a source for it?

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As far as I’m aware it’s impossible. Love to hear otherwise


That is what I was thinking… You can’t ‘grow’ hexane after all… If it was organic we would be using that for our CPC method to get certified organic.

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I believe it’s considered a processing aid and exempt

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Heptane derived from pine sap would probably be considered organic. Can’t find it in quantity though.

Probably could work to transition to a different non polar like a terpene. You can buy 55 gallon drums of limonene so why not

Do you have any more info you could share about this? I appreciate the response.

Nvm I am wrong.

Hexane are prohibited in organic processing.

Look up “organic processing aid national list”


All four categories may be produced using processing aids which are either removed prior to
packaging or remain behind in “insignificant amounts,” and which do not have to be identified
on the ingredient statement. (FDA regulations in 21 CFR Subpart F) However, under the NOP
the use of such processing aids is restricted in the three highest categories:
At least 70% - processing aids must be on National List
95% or more - processing aids must be on National List
100% - processing aids must be organic

Based on this quote, do you think this means I can be organic if I keep 70% of my solvents organic I can be organic certified?

Is heptane on that list? I can’t seem to find the list you’re talking about, can you link me or give me a keyword to search for?

Four clicks.

The screens aren’t in order for some reason.


Much appreciated!

using @spdking’s logic hexane should absolutely be organic

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@spdking =/=logical


@Rowan do you have any advice on this? Seems like it could be right up your alley…

EDIT: Wrong thread I thought this was my recarboxylation thread about adding the A back to THCA