Newbie Equipment Question

Hey everyone, new member here. I’m hoping some veteran members here can help me out.

I have zero experience in solvent extractions of any kind, however I know they can be dangerous, especially to the ignorant. My family and I have a patient grow in a legal state and have been saving all our trim (no leaves/stems) and larf and keeping it cured. I’m interested in producing bho dabs for medicine. I’d be wanting to run 3-4lbs of said material every 3-4 months. I don’t have a preference on the consistency (wax, shatter, baddar, etc). But I would like safe equipment that’s relatively easy to use or learn to use. Bonus points if there’s an ability to finance it, but not necessary.

What equipment would I need given the above information, and are there any specific brands you’d recommend or ones that I should avoid.


Your in the right place.

@Killa12345 can get you squared away with equipment



Before you go buying stuff, spend some more time reading and researching your options. This site and most of its membership are a real goldmine of information. Although your volume isnt large, if you keep at it, over time investing in ability to recover your solvent will pay for itself. If you go CLS route, I would just get a 1LB column. More batches can give you oppoetunity to learn, dial in your technique, try different stuff.

Here are a few threads you should read before making a purchase:

Outside of Rotovap cost, there are some advantages to ethanol. Check this thread out where TheLostBiologist lays out his Bucket Tek SOP:

If that seems interesting, you may also enjoy

But even if you like the ethanol approach, you should absolutely check out OTSS diamond thread


Those are excellent links! That’s a veritable crash course right there. :spoon:

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If it’s indoor you don’t want to extract with ethanol. Go butane

Thank you for the links, to be honest, they’re a bit above my head. I was thinking of a small closed loop bho system to learn on. The rotovap route seems like it’d probably run more money, and Id rather have dabs than carts.

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Best option to get something for your needs.


Yeah, it’s indoor.

Sent them a message, just waiting on a reply

At that volume, wouldn’t it just be smartest to open blast the old fashion way? With a few precautions it’s pretty safe. I know most will laugh at this but… running 4 lbs every 4 months or 1 lb a month, just seems like he can throw it in a glass tube and let ol butane can rip.

I know, butane contaminant etc. just throwing out options. For the price of even the smallest systems he can probably just buy dabs

I wouldn’t open blast, even if the equipment was free. I’m new, and ignorant, but I know enough to know that’s an incredibly dumb idea for me.

I’d rather trash or burn all the material and never use it than risk that.


I suppose. At that volume, like i said, with some very basic precautions it would be rather easy and safe. Not saying to open blast in your living room. But anyways, just a thought :man_shrugging:t3:

I think over time a CLS cost would be justified.

Make sure you also consider rosin. A set of bubblebags and a Dabpress with mold, bags, and you can go solventless for less than 1000$.

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I looked into it, but my understanding is the yield is a far bit lower than BHO, and the lower cost presses are pretty bad aren’t they? I’m not saying I should get a 5k press, but the difference between a $500 press and a 2k press has to be a fair amount right?

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Quality varies wildly, many 500$ units are great. These are worth a gander

If you want to maximize your yield, yeah just go BHO.

Said nobody ever


Hash rosin off of trim and dry larf, probably isn’t the best quality you can put out. A freeze dryer will probably cost more than a 0.9cu ai oven from killa, too.

And this isn’t his most inexpensive option.


There’s alot more to making good rosin then just a press.

Most good rosin is made from turning fresh frozen weed into hash. And squishing that hash. All in a cold room that’s like a refrigerator. And then Freeze dried. A lot of work for low yeild.

I say run butane if it’s personal. The only reason people like rosin over bho at this point is because crc made people not trust bho. But if you make your own who cares you know what it is


Closer to a freezer, is actually preferred. They don’t want the ice to “melt” or the water to warm up much above freezing and stay lower than 40°f.

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And the only reason that bho extractors flip and go to hash rosin is because they usually made trash hash and couldn’t quite cut it.