New to crc tech. Looking for tips

Hey guys. To keep it simple im looking for some guidance. Im running an emotek machine from giddyup, closed loop active system. Recently added an inline crc column from afs with disposable media cups.

I have kinda just been winging it and using bits of info from here and there. So today I made an account.

I got ccs line from my local dry ice location. !


I have been packing them in the order show in the picture from left to right. At an even ratio of grams per each. Filling each and hand pressing the top layer with all underneath it once. Running my gas for about 8 minutes. 70/30 mix. Getting decent results out of my r and d.

I hope 4his is detailed enough. Any help or suggestions would be awesome. Even negative things hit me with it. Thanks for reading. I hope for a good discussion.

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First off, have you read through this?

How big is your crc (once you are done using cups)
Are you using n2?
How are you staging your filtration and what micron are you filtering down to (once done with cups)?

I agree with @Idab916, b80 works great in its own (it’s my go to powder)

w1 is also good stuff (a little bit more expensive)

Edit: sorry, I saw you are using cups atm.


No need for all those powders. B80 works fine on its own


Also, interesting set up. What are the clamps above and below the “crc” that have the “springs”


No n2. Just using a burp line during hot stage. No I haven’t read that article ill check it out. Im new to this forum and have been extracting since February. Thank you for coming off kind. i know how frustrating it is dealing with someone new.
Cups hold around 180g comfortably. 1½" v band(sorry if this is incorrect terminology. Im more versed in plumbing and car applications) and cylinder is like 2"
Cup has a micron paper. Unsure of micron. And have 3 micron screen gaskets on the way down. Passes the 2 bigger ones then crc column then last micron screen.

v band clamp I believe its called. In between each piece is a micron screen gasket.

Are those rated for pressure? Couldn’t find them in a quick search online (cooking dinner right now and not going to search further atm)


Honestly I just started here in February so this what we are using. They are way faster to break down and reassemble.

Thanks for the additional photos.

I would switch to using all high pressure clamps (bolted ones). My gut tells me those aren’t rated for the pressure (could be wrong) that a real crc (once you really dive into it) will require.


The plan is to get a busybee system and new lab soon. Just trying to figure out this crc stuff on this emotek. At least to a caliber where I can produce a desired effect each time without guesses.

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Nice! Also, if you are going to be dropping racks on a new setup check out iron fist and n.boler.

@SamuraiSam did an install/set-up recently on a iron fist (forgot which model) passive/active hybrid system that made me drool…


I second this recommendation. No personal experience but nice looking gear

Edit: this is the kind of thing that makes me hot lol:


That’s the one I was talking about!

Thank you, I didn’t know he shared it in that thread. I saw it on Instagram.


It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I hate trying to do long runs of hard pipe like that. All it takes is like 10 degrees off on one bend to make it look like shit. Clearly, they nailed it.


It looks like your bolts cranked all the way down? I would recommend getting some new bolts, nuts, washers and gaskets. In the tricks of trade thread, some members share the appropriate torques specs for each kind of gasket…


Yes i made my boss aware. This machine has been running pretty much non stop for 2 and a half years lol.
My job also consists of maintenance for the lab. So I have new clamps on the way. Anyone have ideas on how I should be packing my media. Like %of each or even, also can media be run a 2nd or 3rd time?

How much material are you running? Also what quality?

4lbs a column and right now its decent quality scissor and floor trim.

If you get longer bolts for high pressure clamps you only have to take 1 bolt off ro remove clamp might not be as fast as those but there aafer clamps and its faster than taking both bolts off