Manipulating crystal formations using cymatics


Has anybody tried using cymatics to grow certain shapes or help the thca rearrange?


I’m confused soundwaves?


That’s interesting. Where did you get this idea?

I did a science experiment in middle school using sound waves from music on growing plants for a month to see if it effected the growth compared to no sound waves. My parents hated it


I bet this song makes the best crystal formation…


you can’t say you did a month long test and not tell us the results. so, does your growroom have Mozart on loop lol.


Results: pissed parents. :wink:


I was just watching some videos on how specific sounds make diff shapes and it’s reflected on water…its actually in everything…but then they showed how certain frequencies can arrange things…so I wondered if we can somehow use this to manipulate where things go or speed up things



I love where your head’s at, something tells me we’re a fair bit of time away from understanding the logistics of what you’re talking about.


Low temp dab some demetri and watch this video @Waxplug1posted and maybe it’s not that complicated. I’ll let you guys know :wink:




I used to have The Dark Side of the Moon on repeat in my growth tent when I was growing super skunk and jack herrer. The skunk loved it, the jack was a depressed fuck the whole growth though


I feel like Jack would prefer Dance Hall or some sort of Reggae


Waxplug1 Solfreggio Frequencies potentially? Set of cymatic frequencies found in the Hebrew bible. I wonder, if you blasted your jar with the frequency while sealed, over the necessary time to form crystals, would this control the Fibonacci sequence of these crystal formation? Does any of this make any sense to anyone? I’m brain vomitting right now.


Maybe he needs to find the right amount of Hz. The pineal gland is 936Hz on solfeggio so maybe the right amount of Hz could make a difference?


Thats what im thinking. Find the right hertz,
control the immediate environment, there is a theory that there is a frequency holding this reality together. With everything vibrating, and frequency affecting the vibration down to particle level, i feel this could help. But then i think of the complexity of biocentricism, the affect of the conscious observer.


Frequencies, the basis of soundwaves


My question is what would the environment be that you would place the crystals in to be with the sound? Like would you go so far as to build a sealed, shatter proof, sound proof unit and have a wifi or bluetooth speaker in the box and have the music playing? Would you sound proof an inexpensive grow tent and have music wired in? You’d have to have some good speakers with zero interference or something known for crystal clear sound maybe even a good audio program if you were to really like go all out. Idk but personally to be cost effective I would just throw a bluetooth speaker near it and test out different hertz frequencies.


I used my JBL bluetooth speaker in a sealed tote and played a YouTube video of solfeggio frequencies very loud for a whole day next to jars and noticed immediate crystallization . Even some that look odd. However there are too many variables in my case to point the finger at frequencies


Just a thought…if u bought the required equipment to deliver uniform frequencies and placed it under your jar or pot…it might influence where things go…maybe even in distillation as well…however u might need to alter the geometry containing ur oil for this to work right…just a thought