Manipulating crystal formations using cymatics


Read the frequency of an already formed diamond…record it…and play it back on the new batch see how it influences the formation of a diamond


Maybe try it in the oven see if it helps purpge faster or something



Mp3 files are compressed try a more pure source and location of sound should be coming from a 2D plane not on the side of a cylinder


hey thats a neat video!


I dont think you need to as far as a flash tube amp and high fidelity audio to successfully accomplish this if its possible, there’s people growing mold in jars writing words like love on them and hate on others, or simply speaking those same words, a friend and I wrote hate & Love on each others arms using sharpie, hate stayed for almost a week but love was gone the same day… he hasn’t yet got cancer or anything, I refused to have hate written on me, i believe the YouTube video is called the power of words…




Suspend the seed in the solution


The part you guys are here for starts at 16:00
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Guys check this out!


Seen here the sound waves create “walls” or nucleation points for the crystals to attach to


I chimed in on a different thread thinking it was this one.

Wouldn’t resonance hinder the growth of larger structures and make more “grainy” diamonds. Keeping it still and not, lack of a better term, agitating it. You are able to grow larger and more uniform structures, right? Maybe playing music might, but that would be resonance, as well.


Playing music has to many different frequencies, and as @Waxplug1 was stating, MP3 files are compact and not a pure frequency source.


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what do you think of setting a jar on one of these to decrease growth time?


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