Making drinks with distillate

When posting here please be as specific as possible about equipment, temperatures, ratios, quantities, times and procedures. The more clearly you pose your question, the higher quality the response you will receive.

Please demonstrate you have followed scientific procedure before asking for assistance.

I’m lost and I’m not even sure I put this in the right category … how do I make drinks with distillate old thread had outdated links

What threads did you go through? What have you tried?

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You sure you’re up for this?!?

Can you clarify your goals:
Is this for you?
Is it your new business venture?
Are you trying to dose granny? without her consent?

Have you read of bhang?

What are you hoping to base the “drink” around?

Do you understand the solubility of your active ingredient in your desired “drink”?

These are just some of the details that the instructions you failed to delete were extolling you to provide.

Had you posted this on the same thread you stumbled across, the link(s) could perhaps have been fixed.

If you only found a single thread, then your query building skills are the issue. The subject has come up repeatedly over the last five years.

Ignoring your post, there is only one (other) hit to Search results for 'Distillate drink' - Future4200 and that thread has no broken links…

Care to share your actual query?!?

This is how I drink my cannabinoids…


It would seem that “distillate drink” is your new commercial endeavor.

…but, given you haven’t figured out how to get the distillate out of the jar yet, said venture is probably a smidge premature.

All the information you need IS here. You will find accessing it is easier if you provide more details.


Go see why.