How to get sick people interested in cannabis

How are you guys successfully getting people who may benefit from cannabis interested in trying it? There are a few older folks I know who would probably see some kind of benefit, but who would be very resistant to the idea of trying it. I have touted the virtues of cannabis for too long around these people for them to take it as anything other than a pot head trying to lure them in.

I’m thinking that testimonials from other old, sick people would be more effective than trying to talk science and cite studies. I’ve had limited luck with giving away tinctures and salve, but it’s hard to get them to actually try it for any length of time. What has worked for you? I’d love to hear some suggestions to help family and friends find relief.


whatever you do, don’t let them take candy from strangers…


My grandparents were extremely hesitant to even try CBD. My brother in law’s mother only considered trying d8 gummies because she believes she’s on her death bed.


This is part of the problem for sure. My grandma tried some 10mg cbd capsules from the nutrition store once. She followed the label for a week, one a day. Of course it did nothing, so now she believes it doesn’t really work, and I don’t think she’s using the tincture I gave her.

Thinking of making some cbd edibles for the holidays for folks to try out, but the hard part is getting someone to take daily for a couple weeks to really start to see any benefits.


It’s all about navigating around every little thing that could be potentially intimidating. If they’re scared of it they’ll jump to criticizing it.

CBD gummies are the place to get them to get them to join the dark side. Don’t just dive right in and try to shove a bong in their face. When the gummies don’t really do anything significant just explain after that inhaling it just works a lot better for most people because it’s metabolized differently. Push for a full spec buttonless cart (fruity flavor, none of that Skunky devils lettuce). Buttonless is key. Just breathe in. Last thing you want is to try to hand an old timer stuck in their ways a piece of confusing technology filled with what they consider drugs. Autodraw pens are great for older folk that also probably don’t want to smell like a skunk.

Carts will probably be sufficient for most but after they break that barrier they may be open to learning how to use a flower vape. It’s tough to get people on board with combustion and that’s just going to be how it is until we fully deodorize cannabis material. I don’t think edibles are a good representation of cannabis for new users so I always hated to see new patients only consider edibles. 11-hydroxy-THC is a totally different drug if you ask me so I think people should be open to inhalation (combustion or non) if they want to know what works best for them.


I remember practically begging my step dad to try some weed when he was getting close to the end. He had multiple myeloma and good insurance, so he was too far hooked on opiates to even consider it. In a smacked out haze he explained, “weed is illegal, weed is the devil, but opium, opium my friend is heaven.”

It sucked having him in such a doped up haze for his last time on earth. It really makes me want to try harder to help people get over the stigma and try it. If it could help reduce the crazy amount of opiates they give these patients, it would really improve their quality of life in their last moments.


yeah, now try giving a granny who’s suffering from the early stages of dementia CBD. it works, and she actually knows who you are when she’s gotten her CBD, but she also remembers that she doesn’t want anything to do with cannabis, so she won’t take her CBD. WTF do you do with that?

Should you slip it to her? (possible when she isn’t all there, and needs it). Now how do you make that sustainable? Or talk to her about the issue? (not my granny. don’t think she’s getting CBD).


Thats too bad about your dad, opiates aren’t the devil but they are definitely overprescribed. My dad used to be hooked on oxys after laying down his harley when he was in his 30s, he said the pills convinced him that he was still hurt so he would keep taking them, and doctors kept prescribing them.


It was back in 007 when they were still slangin oxy hard. Even so, that kind of cancer surely justifies the big gun hard core opiates. But the dosages got crazy really fast. Like 55mg of oxy’s, 10mg of methadone, 6mg of hydromorphone, 10mg cyclopenzaprine, and a conazepam ever four fucking hours, with liquid morphine for breakthrough soberness between doses.

I understand the usefulness and need for these drugs, but that much? At the very end they added fetaynl patches just for good measure. He was long past feeling any pain, or any contact with reality at all for that matter.

I believe what your dad said about the pills convincing him he was still hurt. I dealt with something like that with cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer) for almost a decade. Kept telling the doc I feel like I’m becoming addicted to them, and wanted to get to the bottom of the issue, not keep taking drugs forever. He kept trying to convince me it was impossible to become addicted to that. Well, after two months of hell going cold turkey, the almost daily debilitating pain went away. Took a pill two nights in a row a few months later, only to wake up with the old excruciating type of pain that makes you sure something is physically wrong. Addicted for sure, call it what you want, physically dependent or whatever. It’s the body’s way of getting what it thinks it needed. Makes me wonder how long the actual physical problem lasted over the course of nine years. I’m guessing not very long. Beware of any doctor saying any drug isn’t addictive!


I found topicals to be the first step into integrating someone “anti-pot” into cannabinoid healing. It doesnt get them high, but it will work on their pains and they will be amazed at how well it works compared to their other creams.
Then u can suggest taking capsules, (most older folks are already taking vitamins) it can be easily introduced into their weekly vitamin sorter. Dont give them much thc to start, and if they seem to need more relief, then start suggesting thc capsules or edibles, then move on to the vaping. Good luck


I feel inhalation is the ultimate goal, especially for acute symptoms. Unfortunately, for a large part of the population, they just never will move on to it until they are on death’s door.

I think cbd gummies and topicals are a great idea. Topicals could even have a good amount of thc in them to increase effectiveness without worry of getting high.

A buttonless cart would be the easiest. I’d just want to make sure to hook them up with a battery who’s air path doesn’t go directly over the battery. That always sketched me out a little. Not like battery venting is very common, but it isn’t unheard of. I suppose a lot of batteries with buttons have air go past the battery too…

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Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists.
I legit could not believe this but the tide is turning. Legitimate applications will let medical prescriptions be possible.

This was posted by a friend who is a nurse in Las Vegas two weeks ago.