Making a homogeneous THC soda that doesn't separate using distillate

I am trying to find a way to mix distillate into water without the oil sticking to the sides of the jar. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Mix with fat+ emulsifyer. High shear homoginize the mixture.


Seconded. Keyword “Liposome”


Keep in mind the carbonation process requires a temp drop and pressure increase, Both things liposomes don’t play well with.

What concentration are you shooting for?


poked around the web a bit and found this regarding a response about maltodextrin:

(I do not know the credibility but its a cool read)

well its more like the cannabinoids or whatever else (alcohol, oils, whateever you are trying to “dry” with maltodextrin) fill the small gaps in the small chain starches, kind of like a sponge soaking up stuff. but the maltodextrin is really soluble in water but once it dissolves, whatever was along with it doesnt stay conjugated or bound to the dextrins. adding that maltodextrin into water, esp cold water, you can see the dextrin dissolves and the oils are left on the surface of the water and they glob up. if you get bho thats real terpy sometimes the terpenes help emulsify stuff on their own but you need a lot. search “ouzo effect” and you can see how some terpenes or essential oils from plants can emulsify ok on their own. cannabinoids dont though.

depositing the cannabinoids on to the dextrin though helps to get them dispersed pretty well so that when you add to appropriate mixtures, you can get them to emulsify reliably. the additives in the cocoa and instant coffee mixes help, so does even just the cocoa powder (some organic cocoa mixes dont have the additives that swiss miss or the selection brand uses but they still work just fine). so its not quite the same as trying to drop a glob of concentrates into a drink and mixing.

i havent worked out a reliable powder that can be used to mix into cold drinks. the cold really screws things up, the energy isnt favorable and when cold and solid the cannabinoids really need to be very diluted to even try to get a good emulsion, plus you need to add it to something thats already “conditioned” with stuff to help emulsify it. theres diff things you can use, soaps or surfactants can help by changing how the water interacts with itself, or other emulsifiers or things like glycerine, propylene glycol, pegs (carbowax sentry). xanthan gum, gum arabic, also help they are complex polysaccarhrides with varying properties but they also change the properties of the water sufficiently to help emsulfiy things. they help to bridge the interaction between the water and cannabinoids/oils where otherwise they wouldnt interact. its not quite the same action as “microencapsulation” techniques you might see referenced, but its similar (you wont get the small tiny sized droplets, but you will get a stable suspension, or stable enough that it will last while you are drinking it after you mixed it up)

a more reliable method for cold drinks is to make something like weed mio. you gotta dig into the science of emulsions and stuff and play around to get a feel for how these thigns behave, but theres some principles at play when preparing such things. the temps are important, concentrations or level of dispersion, and then also the gradient when you are trying to emulsify where changing the gradient too rapidly can cause poor emulsion and doing it slowly will produce better results. also the waxes that are present in most bho, etc. are really going to screw it all up since they dont emulsify well, they dont dissolve well in much, so you gotta get rid of em. if you had distillate, or decarbed, winterized bho, and then dissolved like 1g into 10ml 95% everclear, then mixed into about 20ml peg 400, 20ml propylene glycol, 10ml glycerin and 5ml water you have weed mio and you can pretty much add that to whatever you want. it will go cloudy and maybe look a little milky. the cannabinoids have an odd refraction in water and look pretty cool actually. however you need good bho or distillate, otherwise the flavor is odd. very weedy, sticks around in your mouth a lot.


I’m looking to mix 100 mg of distillate to 2ml of water/flavoring.

At that rate you could use etoh and perhaps citrus oil. That’s a pretty stiff mix 100mg thc–> 2ml fluid.

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I tried ethanol with lecithin and had decent results!


Now I need to replicate it

is that at 50mg/ml?

are you planning to dilute again from there? eg add the whole 100mg to a 12oz beverage?

working on 2 products 1 is a 2ml drink the other is a 12oz.

at 30ml to a shot glass, that’s one itty bitty whiskey :cowboy_hat_face:


A method for producing powderized cannabis oil, and the resulting powderized cannabis oil, in which concentrated cannabis oil is mixed with and absorbed by a modified starch powder, preferably maltodextrin, in a ratio of at least three grams of starch powder for every one-eighth of a gram of cannabis oil is disclosed. Further disclosed are beverages, baked goods and single-serve beverage brewing cartridges utilizing or incorporating the powderized cannabis oil to create human-consumable products that contain an emulsified, tasteless, and odorless dose of cannabis oil.


I am trying to make a batch of distillate syrup to be poured into a larger drink. Would lecithin be your emulsifier of choice for this application? What fatty oil might you use?

There is a ton of good information on this thread: Water soluble THC and CBD thread question


Have you tried food grade vegetable glycerin? It seems to make it water soluble especially mixed with sunflower lecithin.

thc and water mix at the right ph so one would have to maintain that ph in the drink for it to not separate. Also I’ve heard a lot of coffe drinks and teas containing butter and mct oil so those should be fairly easy. A caffeine Sativa expresó shot

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It says I don’t have access to that file? Did something get changed?

Isn’t the toxicity of PEG400 very high. Why would you use that.