Looking for someone to dose our candy edibles

Looking for someone in San Diego to either dose our candy edibles or teach us how asap

update hi all thank you for all your advise and comments. I partnered up with someone I thought I could trust to make edibles (medicated candy) they had the experience and I was the $ person. I invested all I had and haven’t received not a dollar back in my
Investment. I purchased dosing tools, trays, candy and even a distillate machine and crude. You all must think i sound like a fool and I feel like one too but basically it seems like major greed has set in. He will not show me “ his process” it’s one one those situations where he knows I need him and has been robbing me ruthlessly. He convinced me that he needed all these tools so we can make our own distillate so we can be be more efficient and profitable . I basically funded a full fledged operation for him and only
Him. He says it is his “own” process and that he doesn’t feel
Ready to tell me which is not cool. I need a plan B asap either learn to do it myself and/or also have someone doing it for our company because I do not have the experience.

Thank you all for all your amazing advise this site has been my life raft


Aquire Thc distalites… Add to candy to desired mg…250mg…500mg thc so on and so forth…it’s ready to go already as in decarbed…ur gonna have to add at melted stage …100-150f

And it’s the only way to sure fire have accurate dosing I would imagine…

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What equipment are you using? What products do you hope to create?


Best you can do is take your potency tested distillate and add that at your desired ratio. After formulation you may send some product out to be potency tested. Shoot for your potency goal, diltue or add to the product if your product dosen’t test the way you would like. What types of candy/ edibles do you plan on makeing?


The type and batch size is super important. Accurate dosing of each piece is also important. You should look into homogenization.


The way they worded the post has me feeling they have no applicable equipment yet.


You dont need anything more than a scale and a mixer to make candy/brownies. This isn’t rocket surgery, I know of lots of people making edibles in their kitchens that were selling to medical dispencerys. Were they tested? more like guestimated lol! With a lab testing their products they should be able to aceive their goals. @ExTek90 is correct about the homogination, it would be good practice to make sure everything was properly mixed. Infusing the distillate into butter or oil amd incorperating that into the recipe is the most effective way of preventing “hot spots” in the mix.


Edibles rules are getting tightened nationwide. Most of my peers who have been raided fucked with edibles and didn’t homogenize. Sending people to the ER is serious business


I make about 20 dozen brownies a month. In my home kitchen. I do have a 2yr culinary arts degree, so in well versed in the kitchen.


Lol. What is the deal with your CandyCaviar account on IG, is that your business? If you’re getting involved in an edible company isn’t knowing how to dose the product like a first day topic?

These types of posts on here really are hilarious to me and are a real indicator of the industry in CA.

She doesn’t even give any details about what’s really going on here. Is it gummies, baked goods or something else? THC or CBD? Are you trying to spray on or directly infuse a mixture? What is the scale of the operation? How did you come to be in this postiion?

Nope, just “Attention anonymous message board: I have a business, please show me how to run it.”


If this is something you can’t figure out, I suggest hiring it solved.

the math behind dosing is trivial, but I can certainly point you at folks unable or unwilling to do it.

more important than the math, is the implementation. if your material is not homogenized correctly, nobody will get the doses you’re expecting, and most will be unhappy about it.
check the threds below.

Homogenization: Uniform Cannabinoid Potency in Solutions
How do you Homogenize?


Please see my updated post !

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sorry to hear your story. wish it was the first such nonsense I’d encountered.

buying clean distillate might be less painful that learning how to make clean distillate from dirty weed (it’s CA. all the cheap weed is dirty is the safe assumption) . it is certainly the fastest way to get product out there door and start developing a brand.

aside from the need for a commercial kitchen for the regulators, your biggest issue is deciding on a product, and getting the dosing dialled in.

you should have had viable product from your first litre of distillate. certainly before throwing more than $15k at the problem. and most of that should have been at packaging.

Assuming you’ve got a reasonable kitchen setup, and appropriate molds, almost any kitchen witch should be able to turn a liter of distillate into 90000 10mg gummies or hard candies.

1000g distillate @ 90% THC = 900,000mg THC
=> 90,000 x 10mg

at $7k for the distillate and $5 each for those candies, you can presumably hire someone to re-educate your former “cook”.


ME! ME! PICK ME!!! :joy:


Hi, I should of explained more. I only
Agreed to help from an investment standpoint or I would have never got into this as it is not my
Expertise and I was told That he would teach me the basics shortly after we got started and also he would have an apprentice so there was a backup in case he needed help or someone to take over . I have known this person for 8 years and trusted them

I said it in the black market, I’ll say it here; time doesn’t mean anything when drugs and money are involved.


Thank you for your wonderful advise. I agree completely. Dosing has been dialed in and product has been tested. Originally that was the plan, we purchased clean distillate and made product for the first few runs. It was perfect until buying a machine came into place, the reason was “we didn’t want to depend on anyone to get our distillate”, “it would be cheaper” or “we now can sell distillate”. Either way that’s when things started going super sour. Luckily I have educated myself and the mg equation and thank you for confirming that. I think the best thing to do at this point is to buy the distillate and get someone in that I can trust to
Do the work and most importantly learn how to do it myself just for my own personal

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If I wanted to make gummy’s with a consistant 10 mg dose, what would be the best way to do it? micropipette? Thank you.

make a carefully measured recipe with lab tested cannabinoids, emulsify and homiginize the hell out of it. then dispense it volumetrically into candy moulds with a repeating dispenser.


Would I use any surfactants to stablize the emulsion? Also the gummy recipe that I am going to follow requires very light agitation. I am using granulated sugar, gelatin and citric acid and then adding corn syrup and flavored water with heat around 50C. Thanks for the fast reply I appreciate it a lot.