Looking for D8 gummies and pills

Post here. DM pricing and MoQ please and ty.

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@Killa12345 is your guy for this.



Sorry. This isn’t my ball game. Did you make your donation or would you like to send me your $100.

How long do you need. Aren’t your Albertsons cbd broker extraordinaire.



@SISU I made the donation like weeks ago.

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There’s 3 and if you search you will find more :face_with_monocle: I think @Kingofthekush420 also has them


@BrotanicalMatt immediately sent it, what are you talking about?

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no one ever mentioned it to me… Thanks for the confirmation.

appreciate the donation @BrotanicalMatt. Really do! thanks! owe you a dinner here!

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I can have pectin organic gummys made for you, MOQ for custom flavors is 30k (you can order less then that but you’d have to choose from in stock flavors), they’re 20 mg d8 with 1 mg d9 and 1 mg cbd.

Let me know if you’re interested

These would be made by the same ppl that make coconugs, sherbinskies, and 710 Labs gummys here in CA

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What’s the MOQ on the d8 gummies, in stock.