Looking for a heated centrifuge whos got one for sale

hey there just seeing if anyone out there has a heated centrifuge they are looking to get rid of ether the chemtek H55 or a comparable unit. will buy new i just wanted to see if anyone wanted to offload one here first

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Have you run a non-heated one?

They get quite warm just spinning. I actually run a refrigerated fuge, and have the COOLING kick it at 40C


i have not. i was told i would get a cleaner isolate that would crash out better if i used the heated fuge?

I agree, cooling would be better, there is one in Cali

Is the REFRIGERATED fuge I’m currently running.

Without the refrigeration turned on, it can exceed 40 C once it gets to spinning.

Not saying you should avoid “heated”, just that spinning causes heat, so it’s not actually a requirement.

It’s also a rather rare ask, so you don’t have near as many options (one?!?)

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Let’s see a picture.

I doubt it’s of the “I want to spin canning jars” flavor that @PCGextraction is currently seeking

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This is

Yep. Not going to work for OP.

Also not NOT heated.

Jacket means heat OR cold can be circulated.

This is @PCGextraction’s goal.

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@the.shopdog reports that they regret not picking up the heated version….so don’t let me talk you out of it.

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awesome haha yea waxplug is the one that suggested the heated one for cleaning up resin made from less desirable material for reXing into isolate and whatnot. Im curious where you got the wide mouth stainless cups? Or did you have them made?

All documented.

Hello friend,

This is sindy from Shanghai Linbel. centrifuge can be provided by us. may I know if you still need it?
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Show us a picture of this heated centrifuge.

I don’t think you have understood the question.

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