It's 2022, who has the best cart now?

Alright yall, it’s 2022. Who has the best “premium” cart. We already have an awesome cheaper hardware that we use but people have been asking for authentic hardware with CDTs for a premium line.


AVD Easy Press?


What else is out there?



@ECAP_Kane came through with some nice heavy duty feeling ceramic cart samples for me, not sure how they compare to others but the ones i used worked quite well for cbd/cbc/ and cdt


Boshang FC20

One of the most popular full ceramic cartridge in the market.


Thank you for your recommendation sir!

Highlights Summary of ECAP all line carts

  1. All type of carts are equiped with cotton free tech, from the intake hole, you won’t see nothing but black ceramic core, this tech ensure concentrate cotact ceramic core directly, deliver purer vaping experience.No cotton burnt.
  2. We are good at R&D and produce ceramic heater. Our r&d team has an expertise in ceramic heater for nearly 15 years. We own hundreds of patents related to ceramic heaeter. And all carts have been patented!

Let the product speak the facts, still free samples for FT42 fams

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We manufacture cartridges and our patented air release syringes.

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For CDT you can go the glass

route or a glass/quartz route that has the best qualities of the

and quartz coil superior to the ccell.

The PCKT SPRK is a poorly designed cartridge that shouldn’t even be on your list. They have plastic in direct contact with the coil. Please leave reddit tier companies at the door here, thank you!


if you are looking for heavy metal free cart, try our cotton free all glass cartridges


@Ascent has nice ones, works well for us anyway ☆

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Our next generation of the AVD Eazy Press called Press Release Locking (PRL) is the best out there.

Any manufacturers have some viscosity range data for their atomizers to function reliably?

Too high a viscosity they won’t wick, too low they flood.

We can then use the resistance of the cart and the average wattage range of most batteries to determine the estimated temperature range the coil operates in within. Then you can test your oil’s viscosity at the far ends of those temperatures to determine whether or not it will work with the cartridge you’ve selected.


AVD hands down. Even their new good cart is better than half I’ve tried with distillate and distillate blends. using AVD C3 for rosin and live resin.

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Congrats on your first post drugwar veteran! Can you show a picture of a filled avd cart?


For regular metal center post and cotton wick, AVD and Ascera are hands down great.

Looking forward to new tech, wickless/cotton free, all ceramic, checkout ECAP. So far so good.

We have been looking into others with some new tech for 510 but its very limited. Example Purlava, BCore and HappyHead have some great tech but its not in an all ceramic 510 cart.
We just found MaxCore and looking to test theirs out as well.


have you ever tried cotton free all glass cartridges?


Just as an FYI, the MaxCore by First Union isn’t ready. Likely won’t be ready for another several months.

We’re actually contracted on combining our IP that has helped make AVD so popular with their patented cotton-free design.

The flavor is almost there, but slight issues with clogging and overheating still need to be resolved.

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Haha. You know I can’t exactly argue with this “new” poster.

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We’ve been able to get our coils to adapt to straight distillate to very thin live resin sauces. Based on a combination of settings that involve precise and consistent manufacturing of our porous ceramic coil, cotton density of our wick and ohm settings.

It’s amazing the wide variance in most builds which creates very inconsistent user experience and failure time and time again. However, if you can control your precision, you can create a standard that works for “most” oils on the market today.


It’s hard to say which brand has the best cart every brands will say they have top 1 product.

But I think different brands have different advantages, the one that is suitable for your oil is the best!


That’s probably why he made a thread asking which is the best based on peoples’ experience.

Manufacters claims mean fuck all…


Thank you for your recommendation sir! Hope your customers enjoy our carts too!

Also, ECAP is here! if any friends is interested in our products, just let me know or DM me!

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