Is there a "proper" way to infuse flowers with distillate/isolate?

The smoke shop I work at sells sprayed flower. As unappealing as sprayed flower is, our customer base prefers smokeables over vapes and edibles. Is there a more legitimate way of infusing flower?

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No. There is not.


Yes, that’s a spray gun. I am familiar with it.

I’m looking for alternative methods. I heard something about vacuuming? I’m not really sure what that involves. Would that involve coating flower in frozen & powdered distillate, or isolate powder, then placing in a vacuum?

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Yes there absolutely is. but its going to cost a pretty penny.

Search speedmixer or flack tek

We did a demo recently and in 25 seconds it homogenized flower with 10% bho extremely well. you literally couldnt tell it had extract in it. we did the same with some decarbed distillate like material with equally good results.


These new aged customers are literal morons.

They’re selling distillate infused prerolls in canada that are spiked with vape juice flavorings.

Peach flavored joints at 40% thc… bunk flower… it’s pot pourri… but you wouldn’t know it… just tastes like peaches… it’s honestly disgusting… but the dispensaries can’t keep them stocked.


Our shop produces infused pre-rolls and flower with live resin concentrates. We do not use distillate because we dont like the flavor (among other reasons). DM me for a SOP.

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Do you have more information on this? Is this just a special machine to turn THCA extracts into a super fine powder? Thanks

That’s what Jeeters are…

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yep. it’s at your finger tips…

been discussed here more than once iirc.
I’ll provide links for $50. $100 if you want video.



click for website


Btw. I’ve made prerolls infused with disty mixed with the terpenes from the same strain as the flower.

Premium stuff. Not a gimmick at all.


hmmm i have a flack tek did chris come out and show you? I figured it would pulverize the bud too much ill have to give this a try haha what kind of bho are you throwing in there? hard and dry or can you use nice terpy stuff?


It probably will. This was preroll fillings when done


thats what im going for is a nice pre roll filling. Do you know if they just added the full destemmed buds and the extract whole and spun or was there some breaking down before hand?

You definitely want the sticks out. Don’t recall if there were any other tricks involved. we were throwing whatever we had lying around at it. Sticker price puts it out of our reach, so while I was looking for as many places as possible it might be useful, I wasn’t paying serious attention to how any one of them were actually achieved.

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it was a pretty penny forsure but it works great at what it does!

It was already prepped preroll material that we tossed in 10% BHO (maybe 8-10% terpenes in that strain) and ran for 25 seconds.

I forgot to take an after photo but it looked like the preroll material prior to mixing.


What does it look like under a microscope? My local lab would be like WTF?

We also use floor sweepings. The dog hair terps give it an after dinner palate :rofl:


Haz you tried Pyrenees?