Is there a "proper" way to infuse flowers with distillate/isolate?

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what size machine were you playing with? those plastic buckets look different than mine… the stainless looks the same though haha

It was their 1.5L or 1KG model as they refereed to it.

oh yea thats what i have, he must have got different bucket options.

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Are you still using this the flack tek? How do you like it?

Nope, we just demoed it. The price tag wasn’t justifiable when our batch sizes are 10x its capacity.

But when the run time is 1 minute, you guys still didn’t think it would be justified? Could have the entire batch infused in like 15 minutes, no?

Only asking because we are in the same boat now and are really considering getting one.

Take a small portion of your ground flower (same weight as distillate, can add more flower if needed), and then add distillate. Do this in a container that will flex when it is cold (like a plastic weigh boat). Freeze the mixture of distillate and ground flower, then put them into a food processor. Use the food processor to turn the flower and distillate into a powder. sprinkle the powder onto the ground flower then mix the powder into the ground flower gently, but thoroughly.

We dont have a need for infusing flower, extracts drive 80% of our sales and we just played with flower infusion to see if there were more use cases we could use to justify its high price tag.

I was referring to extract purging not being viable, we can purge 10-20kgs overnight without touching a pan and the flack tek can purge 1000g in 15 minutes but it requires labor to load unload every 15 minutes. thats up to 5 hours of labor just to purge vs our 15 minutes of labor to start a purge and walk away from it for the night.

if you are really considering one, c1d1 offers a more affordable option that uses the same concept.


Ohh, I gotcha. makes sense.

this is good to know. that flacktek price tag is a buzzkill.
ok googling “C1d1 centrifugal mixer” yielded nothing lol, where can I find the one you’re talking about

i think its sold under spintech purge, i wanna say AI carries it.


Ahh, here she is.

anyone have any experience with one of these?
Idk if the fact that it’s 50% off is awesome of if it’s concerning lol


Looked high and low and not a single demo vid showing infusing or degassing, and this thing has been on the market 6 mos. If it was that great for the money more would buy it. I wonder how many have actually been sold?


Would love an SOP if you get a chance.


As far as purging batch size goes Flackteks go up to 20kg at a time. So yeah if you picked a smaller 1kg machine theres labor involved in loading or unloading to do 20kg batch. Or you could use the robotic arm version to do it all for you. We are also dropping new 3rd party research showing higher final terpene content in purging via Flacktek vs legacy methods in a fraction of the time. But hey if it only takes you 15 minutes to process 20kgs, I’d suggest consulting across the country, plenty of labs would pay for that info.

The price tag of Flacktek is because of a couple reasons, its made in the USA using sustainable hyper local parts sourcing. High Quality, highest power in class, and local just cost more.

Additionally you get the knowledge of the innovators who brought this technology to the Cannabis space. Literally any other planetary tech making claims about what it can do are ripping off everything I/we discovered and have been showing people over the last 8 years.

Lifetime technical service, onsite training and setup all included in the cost.

Inflused flower preroll is the fastest growing product segement in the industry and the Flacktek can do the infusion process in about 90 seconds.

While also being able to purge, nanoemulsify, infuse anything, grind/cryomill, extract, and blend fractions all in minutes switching instantly.

Custom Cones USA offers us as their preferred infusion tech, Across offers flacktek as a premium brand, as does ETS for purging.

There are reasons why 8 of the top 10 MSOs and 1000s of labs across 40 industries have FlackTek fleets and you can barely find any info on c1d1’s.
Its a rip off.