Is there a market for CBG

Is there a market for cbg. I possibly will have 30 kilos of pure cbg. If there is a market, what is it worth?


suggests there may be…


How did you find yourself with cbg isolate?

A visit from the isolate fairy :fairy:?


In all honesty…I was screwed by a guy in Oregon named Luther. Was suppose to get only feminized high cbd seeds…well needless to say…had to remove 47k male plants of the 142k we planted…and of course the ones that finished…had seeds…and low cbd…ran hot.

Takes 100lbs of biomass to make 1 kilo of crude. But the winterized crude test come back like this:
48% CBD
17% THC
6.4% CBG

Any suggestion? I have about 80k lbs of this biomass

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ahhh…you need a visit from the isolate fairly.

that is a more difficult proposition I believe.

although maybe @QGA can fit you in while he’s on break from his PhD work.

there are certainly others around who can achieve similar results, but I doubt you’ll find many as qualified who are willing to share and none who also have time in the next two weeks.


@qga and I have spoken many times…he is one smart and helpful person. Unfortunately I have too much THC for him to remove it without chromotapgrphy. I plan on paying him for his services as soon as I have a project for him. He seems to be very honest and very personable


Edit: i can remove your thc without chromo i just cannot accept it across state lines at the moment :frowning:

Thank you for the kind words, the feeling is mutual my friend


Come to colorado and remove it. Is that possible?

Considering it. Ill have to get back to you on it though.

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You say the word…I will fly you in…pay you what you want…and have 10 kilos or more ready for you to show us what to do. And of course be forever grateful


Why not cut it with ethanol or another solvent until the thc is below .3%? Although that might be impractical if the crude is really 17%.

Why not just keep the thc in the concentrate? Your in Colorado, I thought this was recreational legal there?

A 3:1 cbd:thc has sooooo much medicinal value. I personally like a 1:1 but 3:1 is a pretty awesome medicine.

Especially as a full spectrum oil. Personally I’d rather have the 3:1 then the isolate. I’ve beem saying this for a little while this year. I really see a ton more pain relief, and reduced muscle fatigue when using a full spectrum 1:1 concentrate with a moderate amount of cbn.

I’ve tried thc isolate to cbd isolate and everything in between and nothing even comes close to the relief I get from having both cannabinoids.

Is this just to be able to transport over state lines?


From what I understand, in order to sell that in Colorado you must have a rec marijuana license. Colorado hemp market is ran by the Colorado dept of ag…not the marijuana enforcement department (med)


Maybe in other states

I would sell it as crude…if i was able to. If anyone wants to make send me a buyer…I will make sure there is a commission involved. What is it worth…I have heard all kinds of different numbers


What’s your process?


We have been building our whole brand on CBG. It’s been doing wonders for my clients


Well honestly we havent done it yet. Our full spectrum crude came back with 5.7% cbd. We have to run it thru chromotapgrphy to remove some THC so we thought maybe we should isolate the CBG…Question is…is it worth it.

You may also consider just recombining the CBG with the CBD given the current prices for THC free distillate. CBG by itself commands a good price but it takes a while to collect a decent amount. You could flip the CBD/CBG distillate immediately.

At what price could it be flipped fast?

THC free distillate sells for $12-13k per kilo here in Colorado. High CBG numbers make it all the more attractive to buyers too.