Is there a market for CBG


I have a market for cbg in Charlotte, NC. In talks right now to get some out here and start showing it to my network. Also a market for CBN


I have CBG Isolate and CBN Distillate for sale right now.

You can hit me up any time if your current supply runs out.

I sell enough of it to have a consistant stream coming into my warehouse


This is an interesting topic! Currently my partner is trying to convince his boss to allow him to cross a couple strains in their rec cultivation facility here in Las Vegas. The “strain” would be high in THC, CBD, CBGA, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene we think. What’s being done research wise on CBG/CBGa?

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A large Well known farrmaceutical company yust started cultivating a diffrent plant that is rich in Cbg origanaly from south Afrika forgot the name


Can you get seeds?


Of the Cbg rich plant ?




Is the plants name there are about 400 sub species and all have Cbg
A 6 digit number is offered to me to steal the right one out of south Afrika
An expedition sort of thing to find the best one
Stealing plants (smuggeling) them out of a country is a big felloney and for south Afrika iT s 20 years imprissonment
I also find it unfair that this big (BIG ) pharma company doesn t want to pay south Afrika a Sum/% for legale receiving it but hè i am still waiting to see Whats up with this story for the botanist came with it to me


What about going around when the seed out a shipping the seeds out? I heard some European fiber strains also have high cbg

#30 Is this it?


Yes. But the mediteranean sub specie there are south afrikan ssb species that have 16x more Cbg in em those i Will Need to find and collect


The plant is already medicinaly used by south afrikan tribes since ancient times
They smoke iT :grinning:


Do you know what cbg% is in them?


Do you have pics of the plant? I have a friend from there. I just got off the phone with him. What would a local call the plant. And what areas of South Africa? Like what towns ect?


Do you have a link to a paper or something that shows CBG has been found in this plant?

There You are :grinning:


IT looks the same thats the problem there is a lot of info on the net about sub species grow areas
what has been told to me is that a specimen was found in the lab of a britisch university that had way higher Cbg than species in gardening seeds species
This came from southafrika for a complete diffrent research years ago
And little is known Where and how iT was found in south Afrika
Yet several south afrikan sub species have high Cbg content Quistion is Wich is highst i know of Some cleus but i can t tell sorry nda signed


I Will look into more info for You once back Home iT s on the server


Thank you. If I get it first I’ll hook you up. I have ppl on the ground now


Not exactly a peer-reviewed paper. Looks like Hemi-CBG has been confirmed, CBG was found but was not found again to confirm. Here is an actual “paper” that discusses this finding…

from the article:
“4. Conclusions
The use of Helichrysum species in ritual fumigations was already
reported by Theophrastus in his Historia Plantarum, the oldest medicinal
treatise of the Western civilization [15], and is also documented in the
folk medicine of South Africa [16]. Some Helichrysum species have also
been used as marijuana substitutes [17], but the identity of their mindaltering constituents is still elusive, and a confirmation of this activity
in controlled studies is lacking. The sample of H. umbraculigerum we
have investigated did not contain alkyl phytocannabinoids, but only
phytocannabinoids of the aralkyl type, accompanied by their biogenetically related acylphloroglucinoids. Nevertheless, given the high
variability of the secondary metabolism of plants from the Helichrysum
species, we cannot rule out that the profligacy of these plants to couple
the polyketide and the isoprenoid pathways could result in the
F. Pollastro et al. Fitoterapia 123 (2017) 13–17
production of narcotic phytocannabinoids, and/or, of powerful lingands of TRPV3”

Be very careful using sources that are not from actual peer-reviewed journals as they can interpret the data in incorrect ways, for that matter the authors of these papers sometimes reach conclusions not supported by their own data. Learning to read through scientific papers and separate the shit from shine-ola will really up your research game.