Is there a market for CBG


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Doesn’t THC form from the same process that creates CBG in the plant and needs to become CBG before becoming THC? Cutting early AF plants could get higher CBG… but probably better to breed for it.

Always noticed my outdoor runs and early-cut sativa varieties seemed to test higher in CBG. The dominant terp profiles from what I’ve seen in my plants with higher CBG is - Caryophyllene, Humulene and Myrcene. No real data to back that up besides observing testing results from my previous projects over the last 6 years or so…

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Yes, CBG is generally considered to be the precursor to THC as far as biosynthesis goes. which is why your early harvested material has higher CBG.

the way to get high CBG is to knock out THC synthase so that that synthetic step cannot be completed. Which will lead to build up of CBG. my expectation is that any high CBG line will have mutations in either the THC synthase gene or one of the genes that controls it’s transcription/translation/or post translational processing.


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I will be doing some testing thru all weeks of bloom soon and let everyone know


Cbg is created by a diffrent path way in the south afrikan plant than iT is in cannabis


Super interested in these high CBG genetics. Wonder if any of the old durban land races have any high CBG… Also follow the latitude line around the globe and you may be able to find genetics with the same profiles from one point to another.


All african strains have high thcv and Cbg


That was my thought exactly. You could also use a miRNA or siRNA vehicle to create gene suppression in any high THC varietal without changing the DNA of the germ cells. Scaling would favor permanent genetic mods though. Then again RNA interference in plants has demonstrated to cause changes in chromatin methylation/acetylation that causes heritable epigenetic gene suppression. Thoughts?


thats right


This could also be an end-around for the upcoming IP stranglehold that Big bioAg companies like Monsanto and Bayer will inevitably place on the seed stocks. GMO cannabis will be patent protected and they will insert distinct markers like fluorescent proteins into their strains to create “signatures” of sorts to keep people from stealing their IP varietals. However, by using transient suppression techniques like RNAi one could solicit a similar response but do it with any high producing THC varietal.


You know, a small piece of plant matter is easy to preserve and use for tissue cultures… Wouldn’t have to get a whole plant across international borders…

Jus sayin … @moongonsun could totally help on that front


I know i know a lot about iT
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IT s yust that there is a real big industry created right now in europe for the happy few ( big pharma) Where A donation to resourses used seems fit


For this reason i always advise to breeders If You can t patent Trow iT into public domain to make patenting harder for big pharma
There is a delegation of a big pharma company in egypt right now to try to patent a landrace of that country
I mean seriously patent a fringing herb thats been around since forever and do as If You made Any effort to create iT
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That’s almost as dastardly as the guy who patented the gene for BRCA/BRD gene (the gene, that when mutated, causes breast cancer). Somehow he got a patent on a human gene sequence (the ruling judge must have been totally ignorant. God created the gene sequence, dude just discovered it…) and because anyone needing to study this gene had to pay a royalty it caused a barrier to academic research - so most labs studied one of the many other oncogenic genes that are public domain. This stifling of research delayed treatments from being developed causing a yet-to-be-calculated number of preventable female deaths. Sometimes the world just sux. Anyway, I digress. I agree with you :slight_smile:

This is another asking price for the patent now is 250 mln euro


That is going to be some amazing medicine. I want to put money into researching the effects of these cannabinoids down the line. Cbg research is limited right now but so many applications for neuroscience. Anti tumor and neuropathic pain are what it is known to aid. The science behind its ability to stimulate anandamide is promising towards dementia and memory research.


Any papers on these subjects are more than welcome in the data dump or right here
Altzheimer gets My attention so Please do :+1:


Thanks for getting back to me! Are there any papers available to back that up?


@sailormadison: You could start here,

and figure out the cbg trials mentioned by looking at the references.

You could then look up the papers that have cited those trials…

Use sci-hub to get past the paywall