Is there a market for CBG

So actually it doesn’t contain CBG, it’s a CBG like compound per more recent research here: - also I already have a bunch of seed of these in the US and I’m germinating some currently…


Can I buy some of them?

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As noted above people and companies are trying hard to get these seeds and already offering 6 figures to the poster above… I’d be interested to sell some, but it would take a substantial sum

Well the cbg hemp seeds are $2 or the starts are $50 I’ll pay you $50 a start


Yea no thanks. Again I don’t even know anyone who has these seeds or plants on earth besides me. This isn’t a CBG producing plant, it produces a compound related to it. And while CBG hemp/cannabis seeds are $2 or $50 a start these seeds and starts don’t exist outside my collection currently. No plans to sell or share to anyone without a contract to not reproduce first anyway. Thanks for the interest though.

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" kerriekruie" in Afrikaans

Happy hunting! Something really exciting to me about going around the world to hunt for an elusive plant that could be worth millions


If you’re interedted in the stimulation of anandamide to protect against alzheimers, I suggest researching kaempferol. Its a flavanoid found in cannabis and many other species and prevents the enzyme that breaks down anandamide from working. Found in many plants as well, I believe some if its most common sources is water chestnut, kale, spinach and new zealand spinach.


Ben hearing about that
Reason i extract norwegian seagrass
For some researchers

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Well of course we would do an mta

Watch out ezcanrgroup are Turkish scammers they will 100% jack your money

I’d want at least 50% if all future sales of anything derived from anything I gave you and then at least $100,000 up front and then you wouldn’t be the only person I did this deal with. Those seem like terms you’re interested in?

I have 2000 (+500 extra) helichrysum umbraculigerum seeds available for purchase if anyone is interested… I’m not based in the US though. DM me if interested

Wich one exactly there are a few hundred subspecies
If you give the geo location of it a natural habitat I have a good indication

I stand to be corrected, but as far as I am aware, there are no sub species of helichrysum umbraculigerum.

These are from Limpopo province in South Africa.