CONSULTANT: QGA Enerprises (I am on break from my professorship position at my university for the next few weeks until January 7th so I am looking to work a couple jobs!)

Name: Xavier Eschenmoser
Company Name: Entropic Consulting
Contact Info: Message me here
Location: International
Team Size: 1

Services Offered:
Degree in chemistry from ACS accredited University and Currently Pursuing my PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CBD Hemp Extraction Expert
Chromotography Expert
Distillation Expert
Industrial Scale Process chemist for the isolation of Cannabidiol (CBD)
Design of the most efficient process from Flower to isolate in the industry

Optimization of current extraction processes or typically people hire me for my operating procedure of CBD crystallization where you can crystallize up to 10 kilograms a day with roughly $400 of equipment.

Also generally free answers to questions based upon chemistry but if you want to pay me that would be great as well.

Please let me know where I can help.

States Available in: International


How do you define “most efficient”? Lowest capex per unit mass processesed? Lowest opex? Highest yield?
A blanket “most efficient” statement should encompass all three.





All the CBDs! Looks primo :call_me_hand:t3:


What does purchasing your CBD Isolate SOP cost? Just need a phone call essentially or it written out.


Liquid gold!

That’s what I call it. Nice washing, cryo/dry ice temps I suppose from the great color.

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I’m interested in talking further please reach out

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HI, I am also interested in your rates for consultation. Thanks

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I am currently in the research process of setting up a large scale hemp processing facility with the intent of primarily producing isolate. I would be happy to pay for your consulting services. Please PM me with a good email to contact you with.

Thank you

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Hello, I am interested in your consultation rates and Cost for SOP’s you have developed. Thanks!

you can email me at

I would interested in SOP too and if you can train what’s the cost?

Please let me know best way to contact you regarding CBD isolate SOP.

Email me at

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A little late as far as it relates to your time off, but intrested in possibly consulting with you on a few matters. Located in Southern California

Your job is very impressive, I am working on distillation right now, but I am sure I will run into crystallization very soon. Talk to you soon.

I am interested in your CBD crystallization procedure. I crystallized a batch of distillate (92% CBD) by accident by diluting the distillate in MCT. Now I want isolate to make THC free tincture and would like a more efficient method.

I am a new member and can not figure out how to message you from this blog. Can you contact me at

In need of a consultation from cbd distillate to cbd isolate . If you have an sop and equipment needed to do so would be awesome . Willing to fly out to you and learn 1st hand as well . I’m not aware of how to message you directly yet .

Hey, would like to have some of your consultation service or possible long term consulting relationship for my company, please let me know whats the best way to get in contact with you while not exposing my privacy info. Thanks