Inline Dewaxing: Dewaxing within jacketed material tube vs separate jacketed tube

I’ve been researching new rack mounted cls systems, and I’ve noticed that certain companies offer dewaxing options with fully jacketed tubes where the dewaxing process takes place in the material column. With this option I’ve been told it’s a quick cold wash; cold material, cold fluid, cold column (-20c and colder). Which leaves all unwanted lipids behind.
I’ve also seen many systems where the dewaxing column is a separate jacketed tube where the fluid is carried and stalled for an allotted time (inline dewaxing), after it’s washed through a separate material tube prior. I am looking for input about which method of dewaxing oil in a cls creates the highest quality product and why? Explanations for the different techniques would be greatly appreciated. Positive vibes to all✌🏽


Anybody? Input would be helpful. Thanks

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You could look into lenticular filters. They are used in some cls I’ve seen. Prob gonna get one, but they can be somewhat large. I’m trying to find smaller cartridge filters atm. Looking for 1.5 inch triclamp connections. They have a variety for different ones, some with carbon or diatomite for improved color. But i haven’t gotten enough info together yet. Was gonna see if i could use an immersion chiller in iso chilling a coil moving the etho through the filter with vacuum assist. Again, this is just a thought atm…


I’m really trying to figure out the advantages and disadvantages to dewaxing columns with the material in them ( Which is a quick cold wash leaving unwanted fats and waxes behind.)
Dewaxing in a separate column, (after the wash, stalled for an extended period of time. )
My questions would be; does the first method even dewax at all? If so, how much? Is there a noticeable difference between these two methods?


i use both on my extractor…i have a 3x24 dewaxing spool which i dont close off with a valve during extraction. i only use the top spool to insure my material is sub zero which i collect that oil in another (6x12) dewaxing chamber directly underneath. I will dewaxing in that chamber for an hour or so…then i dump that chamber into my collection tank. I dont like to dewaxing with the material in the spool. Id rather run the butane threw the material and dewax in a seperate chamber. I think this reduces the opportunity to get waxes in the first place using sub zero solvent and running threw sub zero material. But i think if you dewax with the material you pick up on chlorophyll that you dont want.

I only use this configuration on my extractor like 20% of the time. Im not always dewaxing. Really the only time im using both dewaxing spools like this is when im going for live resin or trying to clean of a concentrate that is borderline shitty/good.

Hope that is clear. sorry if it isnt. My big extractor is like a hodge podge of tri clamp parts ive bought over the years so my extractor and example might not be the best.


I have the same setup.

I never chill the material column. Solvent is always chilled down to -40 ish, cryo frozen product (dry and fresh), washed through into dewax column (material column will sit at about -25 for some time) and then the dewax column will sit in dry ice + iso for 2 hours minimum.

I find with most runs I will still remove a good amount of dark looking waxes that I wouldn’t want in the extract.

What are your thoughts with freezing dry material before extracting?


My machine came with a separate jacketed dewaxing column. I’ve never bothered to use it as such (so I can’t tell you how well it works).

My issue was that the 4"x4’ material column is twice the volume of the jacketed 3"x4’ dewaxing column. I wasn’t convinced it was even big enough for the task.

I went with logic: if my solvent is a -30C, which is as cold as my chiller could get it, and the material column had been frozen at -80C, what could I possibly drop out at -30 that I had picked up at or below -30?

I am certainly able to drop additional fats and waxes out using second solvent winterization. So I am definitely picking stuff I don’t want up.

IMO I can solve that by getting my extraction solvent colder. I could certainly also solve it by stalling in a dewaxing column that is colder than my extraction solvent.

I don’t see the advantage of the second option over the first.

If you don’t want it in there, don’t pull it in the first place.


Thanks for the input everyone. Keep it coming if there’s anything unspoken about. Or other running methods

this is specifically bought my second stage dewaxing column seperate and bought the size according to the amount of butane i use. I only run 1-1.5lbs at i time. the most butane i use is 5lbs. So i made sure my second stage could safely hold at least 6+lbs of solvent. With the extra base on my second stage ive equated that i can hold about 7lbs total in my dewaxing chamber with the hemipheric head and base.


yeah, pretty sure the manufacturer of the rig I’m using has upped their game and they now ship with

  1. a solvent tank that is actually big enough to use a 4"x48" column
  2. a dewaxing column that should actually have some head room in it after emptying the material column into it.

Did i mention that the first chiller they shipped actually caught fire? electronics were directly under the reservoir out to pump connection. it leaked the potassium formate based heat transfer fluid onto the electronics. Replacement was exact same design, but was now in a stainless steel box rather than painted mild steel.

Really? It’s shiny, that must mean its better…?!?

I relocated the control board above the high tide mark, checked/tightened the seals, and all has been well. They have repeatedly offered me full trade in value towards their current -80C chiller, but I’ve not been able to get the accountant to loosen the purse strings to acquire said upgrade.


Exactly one of the things I’ve been most curious about, head room in these dewaxing columns… for example the open source steel rack mounted system “the rainier” the solvent tank seems much larger than the size of the dewaxing column capacity. Am I wrong? Any explanations especially if I were to use all the solvent to accomplish a decent solvent to material ratio with that size material tube. Let’s hear the break down, any experts on this?


naming one’s hydrocarbon extractors after volcanoes strikes me as mildly inappropriate.

Not as bad as having to spend 8hrs in a room with “The Executioner”, but still not quite right.

The certified kits all theoretically have 3rd party engineering reports on them, but if someone is buying parts and assembling themselves it is certainly possible to put together something that qualifies as a bad idea™


Top five best cls manufacturers go…


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So i looked at that system you referred to…It looks like the solvent tank is way larger than the dewaxing column which tells me if you wanted to do the full dewaxing with that system…the solvent tank cant be fully full. You need to calculate the 80% fill of the dewaxing column and thats the most solvent you can run threw your system TO DEWAX SEPERATELY. This then will determine how much material you want to run.

If im not dewaxing…im running a 3:1-4:1 solvent:material ration…If im going for a live resin run…im running double the solvent ratio by cutting the material in half. Given my system…normally i can run 1.5lbs of material with 4.5lbs of solvent…if im going for live resin and fully dewaxing…then im only running a 1/2-3/4 of material with the same 4.5lbs of solvent. i can run a bit more…but these are the ratios im use to running for years, so why change. I like the extra head room which makes the recovery a bit faster.


If you choose to load your dewaxing column with ball bearings to give more surface area for heat transfer/ppt, you’ll need to de-rate the volume on your dewaxer.

I might have to fill it with water to figure out much to de-rate by, but if you’re clever I’m sure you could use your solvent of choice and a scale :wink:

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are you speaking of the older models of the precision px1?


was it the shiny heater that gave them away?

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no it was the comment about the small solvent tank haha
the 2015 px1 had some serious design drawbacks
12 lbs solvent tank… dewax column with inner diameter of 3 inches… paired with 4x48 material column??



How it was supposed to work, no one really knew…!