Inline Dewaxing: Dewaxing within jacketed material tube vs separate jacketed tube


just to respond to the original question again, i’ve been consistently surprised to see that a dedicated dewax column almost always makes a difference. whether or not that difference is worth it… depends.

i’ve ran prepacked DI-frozen columns with -80 solvent wash and still had fats crash out.

that being said, i really only find it to make a big difference when trying to grow larger crystals or “diamonds.” the flavor is marginally better as well. this of course comes at the cost of significantly more production time.


that sounds like actual data to me…

I guess now folks are taking weeks to purge their extracts, taking an hr or so to drop more fats and waxes doesn’t seem like such a chore. :slight_smile:

Does the question then become “how are you cooling your dewaxer”?

getting a sleeved tube down to -80C is relatively easy. I’ve heard of folks running liquid CO2 or N2 into jacketed tubes. Details on how that is safely achieved would be helpful.


my current preference is a sleeved column with DI+iso (or denatured alcohol) slurry. simple and effective.

the “stock” bizzybee method was to use a jacketed column and slowly run liquid CO2 through the top jacket port with the bottom port as a vent. there was a 5 (maybe 10?) psi relief valve mounted at the entry, since the CO2 would usually form dry ice in the jacket and plug the vent port. after seeing a few implosions on IG we decided that it was no longer worth the risk. the internal column on his jacketed dewax vessels is thicker now as a result.

i’m not sure if boris has changed his dewax tek - the bizzybee we have is about 2 years old.

as far as the production time thing goes, i would love to be able to do it for every run, but my situation doesn’t really allow it. my batches are usually 6-12 columns apiece. allowing extracts to slowly purge doesn’t prevent me from purging other extracts, but every hour of dewaxing is several pounds of material that could have been processed that day. i’m personally not a fan but it’s the unfortunate reality of my situation.

i’ve been working on a faster dewax tek with some success but it’s still very incomplete and seems to pull some THCA as well. will provide more details when there is something worth providing.


thanks for your input brotha! Have a nice day…bicycle day


subzero scientific out of Gresham Oregon is what I use for CLS, been around for since 2014 one of the first making CLS, and used to have a class called subzero saturdays. I use column based dewaxing with dry ice/Iso depending on column size i am using and type of material in column is how long I cryo. a 3x48 column i will let sit saturated with solvent for 45 min before starting transfer to collection pot, a 6x48 i let sit for 2 hours, every column i double stack 2 ashless quantive filter papers on bottom of column.


Alternatively, liquid nitrogen may require higher volumes, but it is not going to freeze up nor does it need to be pressurized in the jacket

Is the faster dewax method along the lines of: Run multiple columns, bring the volume of solvent down significantly, then dewax the quantity together?


Hey man I’m finally running CLS and have open jacket 2x24, yeah small I know… But if I use 4x8 open jacket for my 2nd stage dewax, since I run only small loads would I get away with only 4"wide instead 6"? I’m gonna be using chiller coil and partial dewax with the temps… But since I don’t run much would that not go through fine passively? Ill push warm always through the coil. I’m not sure if you have to pull it in the collection base passively too by getting it colder than dewaxer. But be nice to hear from someone that runs…

I know it’s during the soak we pick up undesirables… But I also wanna ensure I’m getting everything too… And really interested considered y’all already running temps perfect and still picking up fats, thanks buddy!


Single solvent dewaxing is never as effective as using etoh and winterizing. It’s just the nature of the solubility beast.


I completely understand that, but I would still like to get as much as possible if at all possible…I really wanted to try soaking to see if any different at all

I run a lot live sauce…I was under the impression that I wouldn’t wanna wreck havic on it by doing with a 2nd solvent dewax…


So what’s the consensus here: a chilled material column and secondary dewax is much better and cleaner? How long do you really need to let it soak in the second column? I’ve heard a soak isn’t actually necessary. But that was just one, albeit respected extractor friends, opinion. If it does take that much time, what applications would it be best suited for? having to wait an hour for a dewax is in no way efficient at large capacities, if that is the case.

I’m brainstorming for my next upgrade and trying to decide if it’s worth it to go for one more 5lb material column w/ secondary dewax column, or just add two more 5lb material tubes. If I don’t need to soak in the secondary dewax column I would imagine I could just use another 5lb 6x36” tube. If a soak is necessary I’m guessing a 6x48” is what I need for the extra head Space in my secondary dewax column. Does that sound right? I want to go ahead and place this order but I’d love some extra insight to help me make this decision. Any input is appreciated…it would be great to be able to just use ice on one dewax tube and not have to soak for an hour in that tube. But I want top quality meds for the people that need them.
-Always Grateful


Here’s one thing Im about to start experimenting with.

Everyones concerned about stalling for 1-2 hours per tube or run, which I totally understand. Any hour your machine is down is money. However, why not do all your tubes for the day and have a secondary large vessel (12x16?) jacketed or sleeved and dump your entire days worth of yield into it and then let that chill for an hour or two in cryo and filter it? Basically a very large buchner, but only done once at the end of the day.


greggoose710 have u had success with this? I have been wondering the same thing


I haven’t yet. I haven’t been running the best material, and I haven’t invested in a chiller yet. I wouldn’t mind finding a 12" sleeved spool to try it out in with dry ice though.


While stalling in an inline dewaxing column, does coagulation happen better with low pressure or high pressure?


I think low pressure is preferable


Any reasoning to this?


"What is the relationship between heat and pressure?

One way to think of this is if you increase the speed of the molecules –by increasing their temperature- the force of the molecules hitting their container increases and this increases the pressure. This relationship is called Gay-Lussac’s Law and makes up part of the ideal gas law."


I think heat and pressure are relative to some degree



I’m dewaxing with cold temps. So I’m not sure how that would apply here?


U probably shouldn’t have any pressure at cryo…add nitro to move at end right


Never really thought about this till now. Your absolutely right. Not only do I dewax at lower pressure. But I actually dewax at about -15inhg.