Inline Dewaxing: Dewaxing within jacketed material tube vs separate jacketed tube


I also dewax at about -15. I believe in certain Extractions they use multiple steps, step one being high pressure to push out fats, waxes, ext.


When you’re not dewaxing are you simply delivering your solvent into your material tube and washing straight through at near cryo temps? Quick n cold? Have good quality results?


Yes cold and fast top feed with no stall. 90% of the time I don’t even use jacketed spools because I know the material coming from those people is always fire. Check my Instagram. Only the live resin was made with a dewaxing column and jacketed material spool. All the shatter was made with room temperature material spools with -55c solvent top feed over the material.


I don’t think starting material gets as much credit as it deserves. So many questions are geared towards doing the most with the least which is good info to have but it’s definitely nice to just have good starting material from quality growers.


I have to reiterate to three out of five of my bosses that I can’t just feed anything into my column and have it all be awesome. They think I did something different when certain runs come out absolutely perfect. Nah, bossman, just every once in a while your grow team doesn’t fuck it up before giving it to me.


I couldn’t agree more. Fire in fire out. Thanks for the input. What’s your solvent ratios when making shatter? 6x48 columns work good like this or do 4 inch tubes get a more even solvent pass?


4x48 are much easier to get a proper wash. 6x48 are really hard to get even distribution of solvent, especially when temperatures play a significant role in end product.


I couldnt agree more! To further add to it. The bigger you go the less efficient the extraction becomes.


100%. These guys building racks with 2-4 6" columns running all at once, are so damn hard to make anything other than doodoo butter. It takes so much to keep that solvent cold and moving on that scale. Especially when most of em are being pushed with one “sackless” cmep and room temp tank.


Not on the same level as you guys but I run a non-sleeved 3" 1lb material column but freeze my material in a lab freezer to -80c before the run. Right below(no valve in between)my material column I run a 3x18 sleeved dewax column packed with dry ice. I close the valve below the sleeved column and fill both columns up and wait 10 mins and then dump and run another few pounds of solvent. I run 60/20/20 mix. For filtration I run a single(have 2nd coming) inline filter stack and use 8 coffee filters and pro pak distillation packing between my top paper filter and screened gasket. None of my runs come out waxy and always shatter consistency unless I am making diamonds. Even on some super old trim that was stored in a non-sealed garbage bag for who knows how long. Pic is V Kush that’s so terpy its almost too terpy to smoke


Is it bc it’s so hard to keep that big area to temp?

I been wanting to maybe go up to 3". I run 2" at moment but don’t wanna lose anything.
If my collection can handle would I be smarter and cheaper to just get 2nd spool or switch to 3?

My 2"super easy to keep really coollddd…I been getting super pour terps just w column dewax
…I think it has something to do with keeping temp bc only 2"


Have you seen purge labs setup, with that big “material capsule” that spins. It’s like 12x24 material column. Been curious about its flow dynamics. Seems like a gimmick. Anyone have experience?


Sounds like someone was trying to re-invent bottom fill… Dumbest thing since terpp extractors


Have you since learned how to safetly use LN2 in jacketed columns?


If you use shit material you usually get a less potent end product. Yeah purged shatter is purged shatter but … I’d rather be able to smell the slab as soon as I take it out of my drawer and my shoulder and back feeling non-existent for 6 hours after I take a dab rather than 1 1/2 hours.


If there is an issue with distribution of solvent you can’t blame it on the column. You have to blame it on the operator for using anything smaller than 3/8" hose


I have 3/8 on mine. Have a shower cap for the 6", as well. 6" are just harder to wash, in my opinion.

And I’m implying to keep the solvent extremely cold throughout the run. Not just even flush. That’s easy.


@Dred_pirate 6” material or seperate dewax column?

Have you any experience with 8” columns for seperate dewax? Substainally less surface area must be more difficult to keep cool but also add to recovery time. Can a single CMEP even handle that size? (32lb solvent)


4" material usually. And my dewax chamber/column is a 6" jacketed. I’ve used an elephant extractor, those have a big dewax chamber. My chiller that I use gets down to -74/75 with my 6" chamber. I could probably go smaller, but I know there will be a time when I’ll need a bigger chamber for larger runs.

A cmep could recover it fine, they are just slow and loud, and need to be serviced before you use it for the first time. Their internals are filthy. The stock valves on them are smaller than the lines going through, so there is two bottle necks already build in.


Jesh thats a beast of a chiller! Would love to get one down to those temps.

Just looked your model up, I assume it’s only meant to chill one jacketed column at a time? Never worked with one before.

  • Power hog, going to need a bigger genie!