Best cutting agent for the carts


Its due to brokers. the scourge of the industry. they only care about numbers and it leaves everyone else scrambling to fix the consequences.


This unfortunately is the biggest truth. When information is not readily available to people to know what they are getting they just don’t know to ask any questions. I’m really excited to get for this market to go completely white. For majority of people they don’t have access to cannabis or cannabis products and for them to get it is good enough.


Lol this is so sad. I have done the same myself and majority of people say to me the end user doesn’t care. Everyone just reads the labels and believes what ever is on the package. They still get stoned so they don’t care if it only turned out to be 60% instead of 90% as it still does the job


i find that the most cut acceptable ones are 35-40%, high testing uncut are usually 75-80%


i think i missed something, whats HTE?



It is a solution of terpenes, cannabanoids, and other assorted goodies depending on the skill of the extractor. It is created by crystallizing thca concentrate from an extract and then pouring the terpenes from the “diamonds”.


High terpene extract.

When you make thca crystals and your pour off terpene fraction. After removing all solvents. You can serve them up in carts or glass syringes.

My opinion. It’s the best tasting cart you’ll ever have. Errl Earnhardt put me onto adding more, as I wasn’t adding enough. I ruined myself. If you get a chance to get some and make carts with it for yourself, get your favorite strain. Man o man. You’ll crave it.

I need some personal disty


I only use ethanol in my extractions, but i do still off my terps. Can i just do a 75/25 blend of dist/terp?

Or is this just some magic reserved for hydrocarbon extractors? :rofl::rofl:


Pre processing





These methods will give similar quality terpenes, you want to avoid heat for long periods of time. As far as the amount you can put in carts, hte isnt pure terpenes, it also contains other components. Too many terps can be unpleasant.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the solvents. It is mostly proprietary to hydrocarbons. But that doesn’t mean that pentane isn’t a hydrocarbons and can be used the same way as ethanol. Just has a much lower boiling point and I believe that it will hold all the terpenes that you want. Easier to crystallize with, too


ToO mAnY terpS cAn be uNpLeasAnt


And the nature of your solvent doesn’t bring about as many terpenes. You can make crystals with ethanol, but I am not knowledgeable of how much terpenes are left


i pre-process in a variety of ways depending on what prodcts I am making. Unfortunately the freeze dryer is pretty far down the capitol investment list. Definitely working on improving the terpene collection but we do ok now.

Other components? Sure some waxes and oils, terpenes and… ? Which if I take my 95% cannabinoid distillate i could add some cold pressed cannabis oil? lol, seems reasonable to me.


you are absolutely right but Oregon’s rules are pretty restrictive and that’s what i get!

Depending on the product (bags o’ weed) i sometimes just worry about terps first to get the tasties and then take a lower cannabinoid yeild.

Too many terps definitely nasty. I am intrigued :crazy_face:


The problem with HTE carts (at least according to me), if you are a daber’s, is that the taste is no wear near the taste of a low temp dab. You will never have a HTE carts that taste like a low temp dabs (what I was looking for). I try it all, straight HTE, mix with distillate, I just give up on HTE carts.


I am guessing you have not tried a good run of fresh frozen HTE that you made yourself?
A typical HTE cart will not taste as good as a proper made straight HTE cart

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Back to topic:
Any news on best cutting agent for carts (disty/isolate)?
I’ll try the next days the 90/10 ratio C8/TEC with isolate and will report Back how it went.


MCT and c8 isolate is the best I’ve tried thus far. Least taste imparted when Vaped. PG peg and vg all seen to have slightly different levels of soapy taste


Would live rosin with few drops of pure cannabis terps blended with a homogenizer work for creating cart consistency and still being pure cannabis only