Infusing Terpenes with Dried Flower

Hey Guys,

Curious on what people are doing when “infusing” terpenes with dried flower. I know dispensaries are huge on this. (I know it’s not what is wanted either) but how would you apply it? Spray it on?

Who has the dead horse meme??


Place terps in pump plant spray
ADD cryo butane
Take an empty wasmachine carton box
Place biomass on the Floor box over
Spray butane mixed with terps
At a hheight of about 3 feet and let mist fall on biomass
hustel biomass and spray again untill all is coverd well
Adding distillate to the terps and spraying on cbd biomass makes decent
Thc weed
latest scam here in europe


SOrry, thank you for this.

Infusing the terpenes with bud seems a much more intriguing idea to me. Anyone have experience


In Cali where they get 1000+ pound harvests that take over a year to sell sometimes. They’ve been spraying terps on bud for years to refresh them. Working in mousture packs infused with terps now


Cept they use that nasty ass fake shit


If you dry it proper you can leave it sealed in a jar for years, provided its in a cool dark area. No need for moisture packs and spray on terps. I want to do a quick run sub zero extract of some nice pink kush with some terps. Curious to see if it will pull the funk with it into the terps.

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What is Cryo Butan?

Cryo butane

Cant find it

It’s not something to find. Those are two words that have meanings.

Cryo here means very cold. Butane is your solvent. Cryo butane means…butane solvent that has been chilled with dry ice.


ok got it! Thanks

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Before someone get s hurt

You get one of these at a quality hardwear store that is chemical resist
And rated for 10 bar
They exist in stainless steel also
You freeze the whole thing with your terps and cannabinoids inside
Once frozen you pour your cryo (frozen)
Butane in at a pressure no higher then
0.3bar (5 psi) then cap the unit
And place inside a bucket wich is placed outside to warm up and get back to room temp
Once warm shake the solvent treu the terps and cannabinoids once all is dissolved you can spray no need to pump the internal pressure is around 2.5 bar (40psi) deu to the vapor pressure of butane


THis process really interest me.
Could you give me more precisions about ow to add the butane.
On which form should i buy it?
How can i control the pressure when putting the butane in the vaporizator? Will the pressure not increase when the temperature will lower?
SOrry for all this questions :slightly_smiling_face:
ANd thank you in advance

Have u guys seen a rise in lab explosions?

If you do not understand the description as written, I urge you not to attempt it.



I agree with this please be very careful

Maybe this is what was going on here?


It’s just like the boy who cried wolf when people keep hearing that siren over and over till ignore it instead of running for safety