Infusing food sugar with bho/oil

I have seen an infused sugar made with bho that didn’t involve ethanol evaporation. But when I asked the maker they obviously refused to share their methods.

Does anyone have an idea of how?

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There’s a centrifuge-type piece of equipment out now, it holds different sized jars. Saw a video where he dropped sugar and CO2 oil into it and ran it for like 30 seconds. It spins circular in one direction and spins the actual jar the opposite direction. Something like 800 Gs? I’m inclined to think BHO would do the same thing.

Only bad thing is the base model is ~10k.

Yea vendors I’ve seen doing this are not capable of that investment lol, while it sounds amazing I was under the impression it was more garage tech

I’m hard pressed to think of anything that didn’t involve some type of solvent… shrug

Maybe cane syrup? I imagine you could heat and dissolve the oil into the syrup, then evap and scrape.


What do you mean evap cane syrup? Do you mean to boil down all the way till just crystals? Or more of a baking style

Probably a double boiler type situation, evaporated cane syrup is basically sugar. It’s also worth noting that if its BHO it would need to be decarbed to be orally active.

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I got the decarb no problem. I’ll give this a try this weekend

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so you are using BHO to extract but dont want to use EtOH?
less precise: put sugar into pyrex, add butane +extract then purge
More precise: extract, refine and distill, & test extract then figure out molar ratios to achieve desired dosage, dilute sugar into ethanol, terpenes or H2O, add & rotovape or spray dry


Here’s an idea, it may not be ideal if you want only pure sugar and cannabis oil on the ingredients panel but it’s a simple solution for dry mixes that doesn’t require expensive equipment:

Decarboxylate Concentrate
Infuse into carrier oil
Convert to powder with maltodextrin
Mix in sugar and homogenize

You should be able to achieve a relatively tasteless powder with Maltodextrin, MCT oil and high quality concentrate. The next step, considering the sugar will likely be used in water based products, is to formulate a proper emulsion to make the oil and cannabinoids water soluble.


I’m inclined to think someone making sugar would be using it in baking, at least with a “garage tek”. Otherwise, the once the sugar dissolved the oil would just stick to the container.

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No. We are talking about cheaper ways without eth.

This looks like an idea, the sugar was to be used in drinks mostly. I’ll have to look into the meltodextrin.

I’ve experienced stick to the side concentrate edibles, I’ll keep an eye for it

Look up cyclodextrin it is a ring of sugar molicules. You can put a compound into the ring and send it past the blood brain barrier faster as a water soluble.

There are three types to consider as well!


Holy crap that sounds cool! Down the rabbit hole I go!

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Delta is the most popular as far as I’ve seen.


where have you seen that delta is more popular? when looking for some i could find beta and a little gama, i found this nice food grade one on ebay

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Upon further research I’m pretty sure the most common used are alpha beta or gamma. with beta having a better hydrophobic cavity for oils suspension over a longer period of time.

I am still bit of a novice with my chemistry knowledge so any correction or expansion on this would be great.

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