Indoor Flower Shortage

Is this pertaining to legal cannabis?

Is everyone on here looking for legal units or that “blackmarket” units lol

The best way to deal with “hot” hemp that you can’t sell for $100 per lb, is to sell it for $1000 per lb.


Same man, I believe it is more the fact of people who are legal being pushed to cut costs to profit since the licensing etc is so expensive. Most of the good growers from ten years back are trying to get out of the black market and enter the legal but are doing so at the cost of quality.


how bout some hemp sprayed with distillate, anyone? :joy:

It’s starting to come full circle now, hemp derived d9 distillate converted from cbd distillate/isolate and sprayed back onto hemp flower.

It’s become clear these conversions are already effecting the thc distillate market and now I’m wondering if it’s going to effect the thc flower market too.


That’s a stretch on effort if you ask me.

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I have heard this is exact same thing from two different folks this week. I thought it was a joke the first time I heard it. What methods are they using to “mist” distillate onto flower? I’m down to try it with some D8.

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I’ll chime in, hot hemp is the new mids for people that think they like to smoke but dont actually like getting high.

It’s also become like the new “work” for hustlers with no real work connections.

See it way to much. Either that’s hot hemp or its already blasted weed. It just keeps changing hands till it lands in some gamer-dads graffix bong

East coast


Lmao there’s tons of that out here :rofl::sob:

In Portland, Oregon I’ve seen prices for the farm go from $1600 (“Yeah, I’ll take 3-5”) to $2000 (“You got any more weight?”). All within about a month. Normally we have time to nitrogen seal each harvest. Now it’s gone [sold] before we have time to dry it.

*This is about THC flower, not hemp.


I know of a few people doing it now but hearing of more starting to do it recently too.

They are using a strong ratio of distillate to food grade ethanol and spraying with a paint sprayer. They lay down buds on parchment paper and spray one side, let air dry then flip the buds and spray the other side.

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its wild but this is all all true. anyone got any packs around new england.


I later found out that my biggest smokeable hemp flower customer was actually passing off my stuff as real weed and reselling it for a nice profit…f’n dirt bag.


I heard of people making moon rocks with hemp.



Clear body


i feel you on that.
sound the alarm

strangely enough, those are all among the hits to :wink:


Thanks bro. Much appreciated

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NYC is has plenty, everything taxed right now too