Spray distillate

Is there any tech out there for spraying undiluted distillate onto flower? Working on a moonrock type product but wanting to evenly spread and or mist the flower with distillate. I imagine the only way to do so would be with an air compressor and really hot disty.


Dilute in butane, dunk nugs in butane solution and place on tray for vac oven. Be careful :fire:


I would recommend instead of spraying it which would require a solvent or excessive heat, but rather smash some distillate after its been frozen by co2 or LiN, and crush into a fine phowder, then roll your buds in that distillate dust and booyacasha


+1 on @Psilisophical idea!
It powders really well when frozen, then u can warm the buds up a bit to get it to stick, but I think spraying a solvent or hot distillate would be alot more obvious that there was some foul play. Unless ur going for the moon rock look, then just dunk em in hot oil


Much obliged. I wouldnt be so worried about the stickyness since it could be rolled in strain specific keif or cbd isolate to avoid sticking. I personally just wouldnt want a solvent sprayed on the cannabis itself because it will definitely dissolve some of the trichome and “smear” the contents on the rest of the flower, and that will definitely ruin the shelf stability of the product.

Also no need to use vacuum to remove solvent and sacrificing terpenes.

You could definitely dunk it if thats what youre going for, but the dust could be much more easily quantifiable for accurate dosing without loosing such high proportions of yield at r&d and small scale production levels.


I’m def goingnto try freezing and pressing nugs omg the shaved frozen disty, this seems a bit more labor intensive then Drizzling from a syringe, but will give it a shot and let everyone know my results. Thanks !! Below is a link to the product I am working on.

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You do know that isolate can come in a powder, right?

You will not be able to get a flower to 50%. That’s kief/hash territory.

I do know that. The flower makes up 50% of input by weight. My tests so far were to add 2g disty, 2g isolate to 4g hemp flower. This product should be stronger than kief/hash as I am using distillate and isolate, which are 3x potency of kief/hash.

Doesn’t seem too crazy to think 50% cbd, as the flower is already 18% by itself, adding 99% isolate and 85% disty at a combined 1:1 should greatly increase potency.

Hey any advances in your experiment?

I bought a food grade air gun to attempt spraying melted isolate but it was too thick and didn’t work really. I also attempted rolling flower in isolate and the. Microwaving for short duration to get it so melt into the buds more. If anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears.

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Use a paint brush with your disty on a heat plate then roll in isolate. Or you could melt both and add them together all ready evenly mixed

I will give an update first of week as my friend has done it and I’m helping her finish this weekend. Will post photos.

  1. 1:1 dist to ethanol
  2. spray
  3. Spray with Terps
  4. Keef
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Has anyone figured out the best way to do this

The best way is to freeze the distillate and smash it into power. Sprinkle it on the flower. Use a hair dryer to melt it into the buds.

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Hot distillate in a glass or metal syringe maintained heat by a heat gun. We would inject the buds from the inside out and all around the outside then roll in kief . Worked pretty good.


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