How to Spray Coat Cereal with distillate?


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Dissolve in ethanol. Use specified amount of distillate for each batch. Spray on food let the ethanol evaporate.

Think mini concrete mixer


Do you have any links to where i can learn how to dissolve the distillate in ethanol? Only thing ive use disty for is cartridges so its kind of new to me with edibles

thanks for the reply!

Use everclear. Alcohol will dissolve thc. Put x amount of disty in an 8oz mason jar with alcohol (ethanol, everclear) and shake it like a salt shaker

Put it in a small spray bottle and mist the cereal. Then let it evaporate after its been soaked into the cereal. Obviously don’t drench them so they are soggy, that shouldn’t have to be said, but I’ve seen worse happen under more instruction.


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This is also how the entire industry coats gummies. Those crappy dispensaries don’t hand make those sour rainbow ropes, they coat that ish.


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What is the ratio ethanol:distil to mix for this purpose? Obviously not too much ethanol. Will it run 1:1 or even 1:2

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Why would you mix it with ethanol? That seems crazy. You going to throw your lucky charms in the vacuum oven to make them magically delicous? :rofl:

Heat up the distillate with a carrier oil or butter and mix well. Then you’ll need a tumber for the cereal and a sprayer to coat it. You’ll want the oil/butter otherwise your body will not absorb as much.

You can have oily buttery cereal. Ill stick to whats been working for years… And doesnt taste like shit lol.
You think you dont let the etoh evap out? Were not eating soggy everclear cheerios lol


Most coated food products are made by spraying the coating solution onto the product in a fluid bed dryer.
This prevents sticking while evaporating the solvent.


replace the heating elements with spray nozzles…

what could go wrong?


Surprised you haven’t already made one just for the novelty. That project has @cyclopath written all over it.

When mixing the disty with everclear does disty gotta be hot

Both being warm would probably make it easier.

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Try a immersion blender

Depending on what you call “hot”. But, under safe conditions. Both being above room temp would be ideal