How to Spray Coat Cereal with distillate?

For infused cereal, I’d highly recommend infusing some butter with your disty and making rice Krispy treats. That way it won’t be oily and nasty. I’ve never tried it, but I imagine the ethanol trick might give your cereal a slightly stale consistency. You can use just about any cereal for the marshmallow treats. Lucky charms, fruity pebbles, or cocoa krispies work well. I used to make 1000 mg fruity pebble and cocoa pebble treats. People always loved it

Make em like 100mg per square

What’s up dred so I wanted to ask what would the ratio of everclear and distillate be in order to spray gummies

So what is the ratio of everclear to distillate to spray gummies

50 ml disty 40 ml ethanol

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Are you spray your candy let it dry with high tech dryer

I think the help extends a bit further than a recipe.

Critical thinking and maybe just generally using your brain is probably the bottleneck

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