Ideas/Concepts for Raising Safety Awareness

Could we begin a collective discussion on constructive methods to bring safety into focus more?

Would be nice to pin a post in the topic link below to provide direct resource links and references in there from other popular topics in the years previous related to safety and various warning discussions initiated by members of this forum, in hopes we don’t lose them via only being able to find them using search. We need to make it “spoon-fed” info and keep them in list form, pinned to the category topic description (the first post of the category itself, author: @sidco see below link)…

Other ideas

Adding more safety related articles to the data dump like;

  • safe solvent storage,
  • maq info,
  • emergency protocols, etc.
  • copies of NFPA, NEC, and UL documents (we could collectively purchase?)

There is something in there for C1D1 now but could use some further expansion of more material.

Also, safety courses would be very good, I’ve seen mention of those coming online, and sounds like a great plan.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Lets share them in hopes we can safe guard the collective interest of our industry while hopefully preventing any significant damage or loss.


I was wanting to make a thread similar to this. NFPA probably covers a lot of stuff, but we definitely need application specific safety


Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance. Maintain your seals, check your welds, check your sight glasses, maintain any sensors. Do it all the time.


The ACS has some free online safety courses like this one:

It requires registration to get an ACS-ID but it is free.


Good call, maybe there could be SOPs on general maintenance throughout the lab for download in the dump?


Great initiative!

It is no coincidence that CANN (Cannabis Chemistry) is a subdivision of CHAS (Chemical Health and Safety) which is a division of ACS (American Chemical Society).

It wouldn’t surprise me if they are eager to help.


FLIR camera in the lab isn’t a bad idea.


Please elaborate on it s use
Other than following the exotherm rxn

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I agree, very excellent use of advanced technical integrations.

But there are many cost effective things we can focus on, I think that’s just icing on the safety cake?


I think there also needs to be a scaling down of safety devices. Sadly safety equipment is usually the last item bought. It’s usually the cost prohibitive nature/fact that you can “do with out” until then…

If you could set up even basic safety devices for 3-5k it would take a lot of risk off the smaller operators…

Everyone acts shocked that you don’t have a 30-90k booth.

And to expect small scale guys just to have/get that immediately is ludicrous.

There needs to be a better response than “just get a booth bro”.


You can see leaks with thermal imaging.


Way better than soapy water too.

And you can see thermal efficiency in your equipment.

Night vision is great for grow spaces as well. Really see them light leaks.


Another help might come in fire fighting tech for chemical compounds
The average powder or foam extinguisher doesn t cut it on several pyrophoric reagents
Bicarbonate soda and several other cheap salts are often recomended



@Franklin helps spot gas leaks.


FLIR has different lens for different things, there are lenses they use to see invisible gases.


How about storage of solvents on site? How could that be made safer?

Gas stations all keep their tanks underground.

If they’re sufficiently isolated, their contents can’t feed the fire.


It can depend on what is being stored, and also permitting based off local zoning laws and what not can make it difficult based off the spaces these operations usually take place in…


At UF we kept the drums outside in a well ventilated shed. In Florida too.

Heres a few old safety SOPs:

EDU008_-_Fire_safety_and_procedure.docx (27.1 KB)
EDU012_-_Chemical_Segregation_and_Waste_Management.docx (28.8 KB)


Treu but a anti fire cabinet is a good start
And found secondhand very cheap
Yust do open and close the door and don t place a beam to keep it open beeing lazy

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I agree with you, they’re great. Outside storage is preferred, if it has to be in the lab it goes in a cabinet or in the classified area based off MAQ of said area.

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