Ideas/Concepts for Raising Safety Awareness

Yeah I have some storage outside
Where I use second hand stainlessteel solar hot water buffer tanks as storage containers
The internal coil I connect to a water reservoir
And on hot days I run water treu to keep them from building to much pressure
DCM in this case

I have a catS62 phone and it’s got a built in FLIR, I use it everyday in the lab for all sorts of things and would highly recommend it to anyone whose interested in a cheaper FLIR camera


Even one of those cameras that plug into your charging port on your phone work really well.


Yeah exactly those plugins are nifty little devises

Here’s a little rig I built for just this reason. Detects leaks like a champ.

Re-purposed an older Flir I had on the front of a truck.


What was the truck used for that it needed a FLIR camera on it?

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Hunting in the North.


:laughing:. That’s cheating poor animal doesn t stand a chance


Is there a way a non profit organization could be created revolving around safety in the extraction industry. If you had a group of people create a safe industry standard all should follow. It would take some doing but if anyone can do it, its you guys. Maybe that will kick start industry standards that the states and government cannot create because they do not have the knowledge that you guys have. Its hard to put it more into words but the idea is there. Its alot of work but the effort would be worth it in the lives it saves.


Banning WKU from YouTube


Has anyone said grow room / extractor facility / etc safety posters?

I always thought method7 would have a series made saying “don’t grow blind” or something, but never seen many non-state mandated posters regarding specific tasks and procedures in most of the places I’ve sampled or worked. I’ll post our analytical lab safety poster maybe as an example if necessary.

I’m sure there’s 10 places that’ll give safety posters for almost nothing, but not much exists for cannabiz safety.

Edit: maybe the dude from, but not much lab / extraction equipment in his B-roll.


Check out some stories that might lead to ideas:)

Nice thread m8! Surely adopting posters from other industries might be away to start working towards indivudual posters.

I allways liked picture SOPs…


didnt age well :frowning:


Industry-wide awareness of the minimum amount of air circulation required for different areas in processing labs/facilites would be very helpful.

For example: How often does one’s booth air volume need to be replaced (i.e., booth volumes per hour)? How often does one’s lab room air volume need to be replaced (i.e., room volumes per hour)? How often does one’s fumehood air volume need to be replaced (i.e., flowrate or volumes per hour)?


Exactly why we need to pin all important articles at the top and have a “spoon-fed” approach towards displaying safety information on this forum.

A primitive/traditional way would be to quote/link references of other subjects in the past in a single post thats pinned to the top, an example is like car build forums, they always have links to common threads with important info pinned to the top in each individual category of the forum, like DIY threads, common info, etc, all of which are usually just links to previous posts on the forum.

I think another thing would be to have a database/excel of compounds the industry uses and include MSDS info/links on each line and any reference links to discussion on this forum about that specific compound on the same line right next to MSDS info.

There is likely a way to scrape the data from somewhere and compile all the info, someone on fiver would probably do it cheap.


Agreed on the pinned posts. I came from an automotive background and usually the pinned posts were where the newb questions or safety questions always revert back to.

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thats rad

Here is NFPA chapter 38.


Anyone see that video going around of the guy using a lighter to leak test his butane system?


Link please lol

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