I make terrible distillate....why?



20 distillers 20. Tech s each have out own way s😀
Start with a tablespoon or the 3% weight ratio see how that works out if iT s doesnt work Well next time try 5 % but that is really the max amount
Just don t add 240 gr to the boiling flask :grinning:


Please try to use acid paper to check accidity of your Carbon before use
If You place paper in water iT Gives a Reading
Then Ad Some Carbon and read the ph again If iT changes a lot be carefull with that Carbon for iT can /Will isomerize your thc
These tests can be done in a shot glass or cap really simple


I know what I did with the heating bath wiring.
I did the math on it, at 240v it should be pulling 13A, 80% of 20 amps is 16A…so I have it on 12 gauge wire with a 20A breaker.

This should have been ok if the heating bath really is only 3000W, and since it’s on a pid it really should be less of a problem.

it’s just weird sometimes in that I can use all day without issue, and sometimes after just a short while it’ll keep popping the breaker…likely when there’s something causing the heat to be pulled away from the water faster than it can be heated up.


I can say this now, after having gotten results back on several different samples, that using carbon, bleaching clays and bentonite with trim that was tested clean and cold filtering through slurry cakes aswell as going full bore with hot condenser tech that I have got very potent, clean product in one pass. I’m making sure that I go very low and slow together with separating fractions with the vacuum take off adapter. Color means very little to me after this. Don’t let the hype fool you. Just cause it is dark in volume doesn’t mean it’s bad.