I make terrible distillate....why?



I’ve noticed that carbon scrubbing leaves oil more red while filtering with silica or bentonite clay leaves it more yellow/green. You could try scrubbing with charcoal first, then a second filter with silica gel, which will most likely grab the impurities the charcoal did not.


Have you ever tried magsil in the boiling flask ? No more than 15grams on the amount you are processing right now


the material is about 3-4 years old…and mixed strains which I honestly totally forgot about.

I don’t even know what magsil is?!


Any good places to get an oil heater rhat wont break rhe bank and wont catch mt house on fire. Not sure what i did to make you block me on ig, ut i stay away from all rhe industry drama so if i offended you in any way I apologize i got alit of useful info from your page, i remeber the blinkman days when tou just started out,and lok where tour at. Congrats


It’s a scrub for pesticide remediation.


Try ebay, lots to be had there!


Ive seen that one , and the ones I currently have are from wiped films and ebay. Everyrime i try ebay i mus not be using the right search words, recirculating oil bath heater always brings up chiller or just the top part tou submerge into something. Ill check that pc out again Thanks


I’ve got a couple of questions.

I just recently did a run where I used a lot more carbon, about 240g for 460g of bho…
The end result was nice, but a couple of weird things happened.

first, after reclaiming the ethanol the filtered and scrubbed bho was very milky looking…not sure why this happened but I went with it anyway.

I started to distill it, and got to the point where I had collected about 40g of the hearts (i think) then shut it down for the evening.
The next day I resumed it and got even more nice gold oil out of it. HOWEVER, the stuff I previously got out of it started to oxidize, go dark and reddish, but the stuff I collected after remained nice and gold and light, and even still remains nice and light and gold, while the first bit I collected is getting darker.
Anyone know why the bho was milky (water?) and why the second batch of oil I collected from the distill has remained stable?

second question.
If I stuck plain unfiltered, unscrubbed bho into distillation, and then winterized/filtered the distillate after distilling, then distilled again, would I end up with a better product at all?


First No straight answer for the diffrance exept Maybe acidity of your coal
Second winterizing after first pass. Leaves a other stink in the Distillate one that is hard to remove i am talking about first time winterization on a crude oil after first pass Distillate


Did You ever try Carbon scrubing at 90C
Makes a lot of diffrence


90C ?? no, I’m not sure I can even get my heating bath that high, I already set it to 140F to recover the ethanol and I tend to blow the breaker a lot for some damn reason.
It’s rated at 3000W, I have a 50A breaker/circuit dedicated to that device and it still blows the damn breaker often.


Decarb material and then pour in boiling flask Ad your Carbon and a temp probe
And bring to temp
A tablespoon of Carbon should be enough and so should 40 min at 90C be


You should have an electrician buddy of yours come check that out. Sounds like you have plenty of power and something is wired incorrect which could be very dangerous. Idk… just a thought.


I did the wiring myself, an electromechanical engineer with background in home, automotive and industrial wiring, everything was wired to or above code… I AM the electrician buddy…also I have no friends sooooooo…
I think I mentioned the wrong size of breaker though. the bath says it’s rated for 3kW, 3000W, at 220V this is only 13.6A. The circuit is on a 30A breaker (IIRC, I’m not there currently to double check) with 220V/30A rated 12AWG wire.
There’s no way this damn thing should be pulling over 30A at 220V.

It’s a chinese heating bath, I think they just rated or built it wrong. I’ve had it apart and nothing inside the unit itself stands out as being faulty, it’s just pulling more current than it says it should be.


you see, this is why I feel so damn stupid most times. That is such an obvious solution to the problem of not being able to heat that high…and yet I hadn’t ever even thought of doing that.

that’s what I will do now, but damnit, how do I miss such simple concepts?!


12 awg standard Romex? It’s good for 20 amps not 30


Relax that s why we are here for one helps one another


I’m telling you information here from memory because I’m not there to actually look and verify.
I can tell you I bought cable rated to handle the current needed by the heating bath, and then some.

At any rate, the rating on the bath is wrong, and it was wired up for 120V when I got it and switched it to 220 because at 120V it would need 25A and I can’t legally have a 30 or 40A circuit on 120V.

I’m going to have to take a look at it again soon if I ever get any time to do so


@Rougelab really just a tablespoon of carbon?

I keep seeing different numbers about this, summits (bad?) advice says like 3% or something, which worked out to I think about 2.5g per about 300g? I don’t remember off hand. I didn’t see much of a difference.

Then I saw someone else mention 5%, and I either did my math wrong before or I’m mistaken about the amount I mentioned above because this time I ended up using like 240g and that’s also when I saw the nicest distillate I’ve seen to date.

it was also the stuff that didn’t oxidize… well, some of it did as posted above.


I personally use 5% but I’m using food grade cheap ass bulk activated carbon. Not anything specific for our industry sold by summit or anything