I make terrible distillate....why?



New member, watched your final video Killavolt and expected it to end with “Keep your dick in a vise.”
I genuinely wonder(ed) if you’re AvE from youtube but I’m guessing just from a nearby part of Canada.

Happy to see a successful conclusion!


@Soxhlet Can I decarb in the SPD? Bring it up to 160 C and wait there for 30 -45mins? would you reckon?


I’m so glad this run turned out for the better and you will have more run coming. Kudos @Killavolt I’m super stoked these BAMF’s came to your rescue. Keep it up, maing


I’m going to do a Pepsi challenge between two of the bleaches that will be accessible, one already is and the other one is coming out soon. It’s being shipped to me now and I should be able to have it done within a couple of weeks. I’ll post the results when I’m done.


O be carefull When that starts to bubble and broth stirbar might help but You have to be fast volume can expand 4x


you are literally the second person now to think that lol… I assure you I am not him lmao


yes, we used to take the flask directally off the roto and put it in to the mantle and decarb then spd.


so it’s been a couple of days since I finished and showed that jar…and now it’s changing colour and becoming more redish. it’s still lighter, but it’s getting darker slowly.


Thats oxidation your seeing or “the red ring of death”. store your jar under vacuum or inert gas.


Check the link I posted above to the food saver jar sealer. As soon as you get your product in the jar pull a vacuum with that and you have storage that won’t change color


Hi nice setup those mantles are hard to use but they work your mantle will read about 240 to get the thc to pop and start flowing the stir bar is more difficult if it stops spinning u have to turn it of and click it back on only about a quarter turn

To speed things up u can set ur boiling flask in mantle turn 2 140 put temp prob in swirly boiling flask by hand do not walk away this will save u hrs easily just an open boiling flask at 140 for 20 min will get so much volatility out then let it cool build ur system straight back to 140 then bump to 180 then 200 sit at 200 for 20 min then bump up u should be pulling thc in about 2hrs wiht this set up 8hrs max full run ide say


Can anyone recommend a recovery pump that’s better than the CPS TR21’s but that doesn’t cost like $20k?

My pumps aren’t doing well and I’d really like something better if it’s at all possible.


Passive. Put your tank (probably not a huge one?) in dry ice and iso. Skip the coil and go straight to the tank. Still use a sieve tho.

But there’s also the cmep. They will run you close to 3k and you have to “service” them before you use em, or they spit nasties into the tank.


I have a 100lb tank…it’s a bit large, and honestly can’t really justify the constant expense of the dry ice.


That is a big tank. Mine is jacketed and blah blah blah. I didn’t buy that, the dispo did. I hear ya. I say search for a cmep. I have one at my facility that I would love to sell you for cheap as funk, just to get it gone. But they won’t let me.

Does anyone on here have a cmep (not blown) that they’d sell Duder for a good price.


I’m an electromechanical engineering tech… There isn’t much of anything that I can’t fix.
I’d even take one that needs to be rebuilt…but the bottom line is I am flat ass broke and way behind on a lot of shit.

I’m also terrible with my money which is something I’m really trying to change but don’t know how…
I honestly don’t know how the hell I’m an adult.


I’ve been there man. I have a bunch of things tormenting me on a daily basis that I have to overcome to get out the front door. I bet someone out there would find a way to trade for what you need. Most of us love barter and trade. Personally I hope we have to resort to that.


In South Africa it seams to spiral counter clock wise


This is what I’m talking about my oil being red.
This is the crude BHO in ethanol (10:1 4L ethanol to about 460g of BHO)
This has been fully filtered through summit stage 1 2 and 3 filters.
It’s been carbon scrubbed using 5% of the total weight (240g total carbon) warmed to 80 and shaken really good then filtered through summits filter cake media.

This is ready to go into the rotovap, except why the fuck is it so god damn red/orange?

more to follow here in the next couple of days.


how old is the material harvested? Extracted?decarbed?