I make terrible distillate....why?



In My opinion this is trick of the trade worthy :grinning:


This could be the difference in the way mine and @Killavolt temps were slightly different yesterday.

As soon as I knew I had my boiling flask kinda under control. I wrapped it right up with tin foil. I imagine that little bit of insulation is the difference.

I really look forward to using the rope I bought on the next run.


I think I’ll have it finished today. The colour is looking amazing (to me) its so much lighter than anything I’ve done before and I’m totally stoked.


So, this great thread was a request to find out how to get golden product that doesn’t smell like it’s been burned. Seems similar to boiling dhood (milk) down to khoa/mawa, which is used in the formulation of the finest sweets in India, the process requires smooth steady heat, and constant stirring, and loads of patience.

From “Lord Krishna’s Cuisine, The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking” by Yamuna Devi page 320,

I’ve seen this done by a high Brahmana poojari at the head ISKCON temple in LA, the milk fudge produced is awesome.

Here’s a video of the technique, if you let it go for a second too long you’ll burn it, and you’ve waisted your time.

East Indians won’t rent an apartment with an electric stove, no control compared to gas.

Sorry to go off topic.


I glad it looks like it’s better, but what a sketchy process, I’m still hoping you’ll take me up on the offer to assist you in getting a Variac and power meter to try out.


I’ve been looking for one at a reasonable price, but in CAD the cheapest I could so far is like $138 … we get screwed a lot up here… but trust me, I’m going to be looking into one because the PID sucks big ass.


If You have Some means of storing under vacuum You should
There are these glass jar with metal hinge god cant remeber the name
Put material in a glass jar release the lid from metal hinge and lubricate the rubber O ring put lid on the jar and then pull a vacuum in a vacuumpan the lid Will suck tight upon air refiling the vacuumpan





maybe it’s time to change the title on the thead?

I made terrible distillate: and then I found the future…


thanks so much to everyone who contributed on this one. especially to @Killavolt for hanging in there when quitting seemed like a better option. this thread will up dozens of games.


lol yeah, I can’t thank this community enough, I definitely have to plug it in one fo my videos lol.

I’m not done yet though, I probably won’t do a second pass on this stuff, but I’m going to make more now and then I will do a second pass on that stuff.
I’ll probably pickup some celite and a variac in the near future too.

when this thread started circumstances dictated that I wouldn’t be making any more oil, or much much much less of it… but this thread has changed that for more reasons than I can even mention here.


Btw, the easiest way to get jars under vacuum that I’ve found, if you don’t have a vac oven is the jar sealing accessory for foodsaver.


I just started the whole process been keeping up with thread daily thank you @Roguelab for you help on another thread and also @Killavolt for your videos among all the others offering advice thanks guys this info has helped me greatly


Really happy for your @Killavolt. You can just hear the happiness in your voice. Glad you made it over here. Glad your on a better path and I think the path is only starting.

Once again. Thanks for your original videos and I’m sure these will help tons more people in the future. Thanks for sharing!! :clap::clap::clap:


That’s what I use.
Regular mouth and wide mouth versions.
Mighty vac hand vac gets me to -25hg at most.


Whenever You are ready we roll :grinning:
So Many pro s here can t miss


You are the man ,
Last advise have a look at @beakers
Hexane / methanol 3 % water sop
IT can be done on a first pass and can really lighten up your oil
And have a look at C bleach also can Do wonders on raw crude and first passes
Thats the area Where there is the most for You to gain


For storage purposes I believe that should suffice. I’m getting the regular mouth right now.


I’ve had my big jar (had 2oz when I got it) for about 3 months now. I’m down to about 5g left. No red ring of death. I’m guessing at the minimum -25hg is good enough to stop it.

I vac sealed it immediately after I got it