I make terrible distillate....why?



Yeah the golden question
Do You know what strain You are running
I see My glass wear getting an orange heu When boiling splatter onto iT
Strains with cbd tend to do this early
There Will be a slight color change And temp in the head around 220 is most likely
But You should be able to calculate volume
Say crude at 60. % cannabinoid
So 600 ml from what You have is iT
Once your collection flasks start reaching that volume You know end is near


Most of us keep all Our boiling flask remains until suficient and give iT a pass to collect remaining cannabinoids
Beter to stop early than late
Yet You should realy push for You Will Need every drop for 2 pass to create vapor pressure


If it wasnt so cold in your parts @Demontrich, Id fly myself up that way for a short MTB trip but i dont think ill be up in MI until it get back around 60F. Id be happy to facetime with ya.


Hè how off were your setpoints compared to @Killavolt
Vac depth mantel temp etc
Where did You stop ?
I have been running diffusion and can t remeber exact numbers
I anyway work a lot with feeling and instinct


@Roguelab Id say he is running about 5-8C hotter on the mantle. His head temp is closer to 10-15c higher than my head temp when i was running. His vacuum is around the same if not a few microns lower than me. When i was pulling my THC i was right around 280-300 micron. @Killavolt seems to be a good 80 micron lower than me.

I see where your going with this @Roguelab; Based on his vacuum level, he should be distilling the THC at a lower heat. I can see where your assesment his vacuum lines are too long and giving different reading then whats happening in the system.


Keep a log book vac depth temps etc
Good learning from that in time
About color bear in mind your product is old color is the main isseu with older pruduct thats a fact
All cleanup s can be done on a first pass
Winterizing and @Beaker his teck
Also @Future had great results with Brine washing with altered ph so acitic ph2 and base ph 12 be aware that You are now working with THC instead of THCa
So Some parts of tech and sop are diffrent


Just curious
The destillate When falling often makes a circular landing in the receiving flask
Is iT clockwise or counter clockwise?
Wonder If that is gravatie controled ?
Mine always falls clockwise but i in europe tours Will probably do the same
Maybe someone in south Afrika can chime in see If theygo counter clock wise


I have a video of it coiling in slo motion fro ma long time ago lol.

I may have to shut it down again tonight, I’m pretty much out of dry ice, I just put the last of it into my cold trap bowl and when that starts to get too warm I’ll have to shut it down until I can get more ice tomorrow.


How much so far ?
Dark amber in flask or lighter ?
So far You have done Well :+1::+1::pray::ok_hand::smile:


Dry ice and vac gauge batterys :grinning:


Now that you mention Mobin, I gave him an ounce of not so great distillate I got stuck with to rerun for me, and never heard from him again. Sorry the citric acid method didn’t work out for you.


Its great because the radiation will heat the oil through the glass under vacuuum, just like how the earth gets the suns heat through the vaccum of space.


I actually have a heat lamp bulb I just need to find a lamp somewhere to setup… I may have one kicking around.


How did your last run turn out?

what was your condenser temp in part 23 when you switch to heads/mains?


shit I forgot but I do believe it was right around or just above 160. I switched when I saw the colour of the condensate switch from a thick greenish hue, to a nice yellow.

So far it’s going well, I’m going to pickup some more ice (and a battery if I remember) and hopefully finish it today. I’m still on the hearts.


It just hit me that the infra red wouldn’t denature product because the glass acts as a buffer! More reliable and even heat distribution too! Brilliant!!!


you can’t “denature” cannabinoids. you can isomerize or degrade them.

which means breaking or moving bonds.
denaturing is “unfolding”. which does not apply here.


although I guess one could argue…


I have since changed my vocabulary! I picked up a ton of bad habits in the unregistered market :sweat_smile: Thank you for your patience and knowledge!!!


no worries, and having posted the all knowing one’s definition, there is wiggle room if you want to use “denature”.

However, isomerize or degrade are the more appropriate terms from a chemistry vocab standpoint.

LOVE this place!!


Good luck today :grinning:
By the way by wraping aluminium foil and insulating your head
The reflux amount go s down make your run faster
Be carefull When tails approach because When there is little reflux the nasty s start Coming early​:pray::sierra_leone::+1: