I make terrible distillate....why?



I didn t catch whether this was first or second pass ?


first pass, and about 970G in the flask to start.



Side note
What coolant are you using? My glycol I have is clear. The blue would deffinately help to visually see if theres a leaky gl line or the like.

I think ill fly you and @Killa12345 to Detroit in Jan or Feb to assist me in my 1st spd run.



Heat gun on the glass Where iT s clogging up not to hot and away from Any plastic parts


I uhhh… I can’t cross a border currently…

Anyway I’m just using Dynalene HC50, but I added blue food colouring…errrr, actually I think in this small chiller I’m just using plain water and food colouring.


I just set the heatgun up on a retort stand I forgot I had…so it’s hanging out there blasting 150C heat at the condenser…working well so far.

but fuck this is a slow process…


Yep but looking good
Ok temp mantel and vac depth ?


229C and vac depth is still at about 245 microns.


Between passes You can do a cleanup
A simpel but exelent one is @Beaker
Hexane methanol and 3 % by volume water wash


I don’t have nor can I find hexane anywhere.


Ok this clearly indicates your vac lines are to long
The gauge Gives a 230 Reading but in your glass You are probably around 450/600 microns looking at the temp You are running


O No worrys by the way finish is what matters now


your going to want to get a heat lamp set up on that drip tip to keep things moving. you dont want to clog during your run.


I am sorry mixed up head temp 160 C You are dooing great


fkn heat lamp…how have I never thought of that?!

The head temp is currently 177C, it’s been hanging around 170-180 a bit.


Check If the heatgun isn t heating up your vacuum tubbing to much those tubes hate heat


vac lines feel cool to the touch.


Grab a chair your in for a long day🤣


its been a long day…again…
i started t like 11am, it’s now just about 5pm and I still have a long fucking way to go before I have all the good stuff collected.

Question, how do I know when to switch the flask to the tails flask, and how do I know when I’m fully and completely finished?