I make terrible distillate....why?




How Many watts is your mantel ?
Speed of stir bar high ?


I. Would ramp temp If vacuum is still 150 micron


If You have a heat gun (again🤣)
You can heat up your head be carefull with temp probe seals
This jumpstarts distillation


Get aluminium foil and start insulating your head again not the temp probes
Make sure aluminium go s over the mantel side making an upward heat path


If You have Any fiber glass cloth put that inbetween for extra insulation
Your head is to cold


This is second pass correct ?
How much oil in flask When started ?
How much oil in there right now ?
You don t seem to be able to pop your vapor pressure wat is your coldtrap doing catching anything ?
If You have more than 500 ml in boiling flask insulating from top to buttom Will get You moving again
Ramp your condensor as high as possible push iT 10/15 % margin you always have on what is recomended


Check your vacuum hose from vac gauge towards glass wear
Make sure there is No false Reading
Feel iT with your hands check iT good
The boil gooing on and the low vac seem a little odd long shot yust to be sure


We are in Cali we are looking for techs with SPD systems with experience send me an email


I had to shut it down for tonight, had some other things come up.

The stuff condensing now is starting to get thicker, so I’m nearly at collecting the main fraction.


back at it again today… the website was down though lol.




Ok temp vac depth and volume of flask aprox ?


Stirbar on ?strong text


stir bar is on, vac depth is about 240 microns. and its a 2L flask


How much oil inside the flask ?


I found a fairly recent video of a guy running a SPD with a Variac, and it’s smooth… he states later in the video that he is indeed using the Variac. Also get some foil or other insulator on the upper flask and condenser like in the video. Here it is, I queued it up to where the distillation starts: https://youtu.be/J7ux2EoWzgI?t=543


Yesterday the most probibale cause was a cold head so have Some aluminium foil ready and a heat gun
And for futere distalations make your vaclines shorter glasswear 12" hose vac gauge 12 " hose vac pump