I make terrible distillate....why?



I’ve been following this thread. I’m stoked for this run to go well for you, man.



everything looks good this run…really crossing my fingers for your success this go around!!



@Killavolt this is why my first attempts at distillate left a lot to be desired…

which reminds me I should get off my ass and go rebuild that BOCK 755 I scored off ebay.


Looks like the reaction in the BF is slowly starting to go away. Looks good! Get a notepad and jot all your steps down. Temps, vac, reactions, time your adjusting temps/vac, etc.


got some questions here… just give it a minute to upload and process.


forgot to mention vac levels… Its been staying pretty low, between 140-180 that I’ve been seeing.


That’s good having a deep stable vacuum at all times. Im still currently processing distillate with my cheap chinaware vacuum and glassware. :sweat_smile: Still run into the same problems as yours



My mantle temp is currently 200C, and just dripping out little bits off stuff from the condenser, but this is typically where things get screwy for me and I end up turning up the mantle wayyyy too high.

Right now my head temp is like 91C, and this is the point where I’ll start to see it rise and fall a few times, and then it’ll drop and get down to near 60C again and just never heat back up.

In the past I’ve waited like an hour and the head temp never increases and never seems too until the mantle is around 230-240C.

Should I just keep waiting longer? I’m hoping I get different results this time around.


yup…here I am at that point again.

head temp is around 58 and just keeps getting lower. not really sure how long I should be waiting at this point or if I should turn the temp up.

the SOP that was posted said to be between 200 - 209 C… I only have another 9 degrees to go…


What was told to me is never take the mantle above 223c. Once your done with the volitles. Raise you temp by 5c at a time till about 215-217c on your mantle and just wait. You will see the temp rise. Then fall then rise. Eventually around 135c at the head the concentrate thicken up for me. At 155c head temp. I switched to collect the main fraction.

If you wait it out. Eventually the head temp should be able to get to the same temp as the bf. it just takes time for the fractions to come out


Vacuum depth ?emphasized text


He’s at like 150 microns. Awesome we got a real pro @Roguelab in the thread.


Ok not bad Any bubbles in the oil or silance before the stom ?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here.


Ok temp mantel ?
Temp head ?
VAc. Depth
Whats happening ?


When at a certain temperature there is No boiling of Any compound the flask seems quiet
When a compound is boiling there is a boiling situation in the flask bubbles


couple more videos coming shortly hang on.

but right now I’m at 215C and the fucking head temp was up to 133 and is now back down to 98 and falling with the flask still boiling