I make terrible distillate....why?



Take me up on the Variac and power meter offer, please.


I actually intend to, but im not too comfortable giving out my home address, I have a few things to sort out.
you see I’m currently under the impression that this might be the last oil run for quite some time…but that may change so once I can figure these things out I’ll have a clearer picture of where the future is headed.


i would suggest decarbing fully before loading into the spd.
i decarb all my crude on a hot plate open atmosphere in a well ventilated carbon scrubbed room (shit stinks!)

start off under vac and temp at 30c and ramp up slowly. i do incriments of 5c letting the mantle catch up to SV and then bumping up until i hit 160c.

if you dont decarb…same idea get all the junk under 160c out of the crude by throttling the vac making sure you dont overshoot the boil flask into your recieving flask.

watching vapor temperature or boil flask conditions, before switching to the cannabanoid fraction.

  • decarb at 121c until there is no reaction…


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When you’re pumping the whole wattage of the mantle, even one degree increments are critical, especially when you’ve got the sensor feeding the PID controller in the boiling flask.

I sent you a private message on how to receive the $75 in PayPal funds, accept them, and order the Variac and power meter today!

You’re going to find the ability to control the boiling rate from simmer to roiling boil in a smooth manner so slick your going to have a pasted on smile…


not neasaserly, it was most likely the proble placement in the flask that created the situation where you bumped. You ever put your feet up near the campfire with boots on? Just when your feet start feeling good and warm you notice the soles of your boots smoking, thats the same effect that the internal probe has. You need to put the sensor on the outside of the boot if you will!


Here we go again.



take @SkyHighLer up on his offer asap and throw a variac on that heater. did you get the probe moved between the glass and the heat pocket?


Ok, yeah I’ve got a degumming enzym and I’m not using it as I “should”. Maybe you just want to try the bleach and the bentonite to begin with?


He posted a link to a thermocouple that goes between the rbf and mantle. Its 4.00 w/free shipping. I bought 2.


I haven’t moved the probe because I don’t have anyway to close off that thermometer port if I do.

I’ll sort something out though, I already have a couple of ideas.




He posted up some videos as well as a sop sheet iirc


sorry to hear that. signal to noise sucks elsewhere.
folks will even deliberately mislead you to knock back the competition.

@JHI this is why crossing ones eyes whilst doting on tea is important here.

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Certainly looks like your vacuum is under control. Looking forward to seeing the run.

Sorry about the mental health issues but most of the community here has your back bro. Let’s try to set you on a better path brother and good luck today.

I’ll try to keep on your YouTube page and here but I think your gonna be much better today. Looks like your ramping slow. Looks like your vacuum is great. Now just to make the gold.


you need a stopper

these can be had on ebay for cheap.https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113361494220